What is a Gourmet Kitchen?

Is baking your passion? Perhaps you missed your calling as a culinary artist, or you are working toward becoming the next Food Network star. Maybe you simply want to become a better cook for your family and friends. A gourmet kitchen makes cooking a lot more fun and a lot less challenging, regardless of your skill level in the kitchen.

This kitchen holds many of the features of a gourmet kitchen: a large 48″ refrigerator and freezer; dual commercial-quality ovens; a six-burner stovetop; an industrial strength ventilation system; a separate wine cooler; and a gourmet kitchen island with a prep sink. A gourmet kitchen doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a restaurant.

Some gourmet kitchens resemble the setup you’ll find on a Food Network or Cooking Channel show: state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, gadgets galore, and that wonderful bottomless pantry that’s always stocked with specialty ingredients like fresh sea urchin and cacao nibs. It must be big enough to hold everything a gourmet chef needs, while still providing a cooking station where all the necessary ingredients and tools are always within arm’s reach. Others incorporate professional equipment within a more residential style

Black and white Kitchen with french doors and marble countertops

These gourmet ranges and exhaust hoods have a less serious personality but still perform like professionals.

Gourmet kitchens put frequently used ingredients, spices, and utensils within reach and often integrate a reach-in cooler to keep commonly used chilled items at hand.

Last but not least, your gourmet kitchen must be designed around you. A baker’s needs are different from those of a person specializing in raw foods. A vegetarian will choose different appliances and accessories than a meat eater. A fisherman needs a place to gut and filet while an artisan cheese maker requires the tools to contend with the curds and whey.

This canning pantry was set up for the unique storage needs of a gourmet who loves to can fresh fruits and vegetables grown on their property.

Whether you specialize in crafting specialty foods from scratch, you want to improve your ease of cooking, or you’re a downright culinary master looking for the setup to match your skills, a gourmet kitchen can do it all.

Powerful ventilation, six gas burners, two industrial-style ovens, and a countertop steamer in this Case Design kitchen all come together to make this kitchen gourmet. The narrow space and galley kitchen layout creates a very efficient space. Galley kitchens can be easier to work in and can be smaller than other layouts if space is at a premium..

What is a gourmet kitchen? It’s a state-of-the-art culinary setup that’s equipped with a large range of special features, appliances, and accessories that make cooking gourmet, exotic, and specialty foods from scratch in your own kitchen a reality. Here are a few of the features you’ll find in a gourmet kitchen design.

A self-sustaining island

A gourmet kitchen island (or 2 !) is like having a second kitchen in the middle of your kitchen. It has plenty of counter space; its own sink, cabinets and drawers for storage; and other features like additional ovens, microwaves, and a second dishwasher. It’s often designed around the particular needs of the person or family using it.

These gourmet kitchen islands are designed for “lots of cooks in the kitchen.” The islands create multiple work stations and allow the whole family to participate.

The island pictured creates a ton of extra storage and allows the chef to face the crowd of people sure to gather to watch the show.


Industrial-strength ventilation

Commercial grade cooking appliances put off a lot of heat, smoke, and vapor, so a massive ventilation system is in order in many gourmet kitchens. We’re seeing a lot of cutting-edge stainless steel range hoods in home kitchens as a result.

Professional equipment requires serious ventilation, but these powerful range hoods are up to the task. Exhaust hoods can be decorative elements that match the range or concealed within cabinetry.

The contemporary hood system over this island grill and burner becomes a centerpiece of this Case Design/Remodeling kitchen, functioning as ventilator and light.


Stovetop pot-filling faucets

This handy feature can be added to any kitchen, but it has become a staple in state-of-the-art kitchens. Hands-free faucets and hot water on demand are becoming common commodities in gourmet kitchen design as well.

The commercial-style range top features a massive hood system that has been built in to cabinetry and a pot filler faucet to help put this kitchen in the realm of gourmet.


Great gadgets and accessories

Gourmet kitchens can be outfitted with the tools and appliances that make techniques like deep frying and smoking next to impossible in your average kitchen. Restaurant-style warming tables, countertop steamers, salamander-style broilers, frying stations, and indoor smokers can all be found in gourmet kitchens.

This built-in Miele Coffee Maker allows you to make your favorite espresso drinks right in your own home and this sink makes prep work easy.


Kitchen computer or flat-screen

Whether you’re following along with the Cooking Channel or using an online recipe, more home chefs are integrating a computer or flat-screen into the array of kitchen appliances.

A flat-screen can be made to blend in with the other appliances instead of dominating the kitchen.


Innovative roll-out storage options

Specialty cooking requires a lot of different gadgets and tools, in addition to the usual serving platters, casserole dishes, and baking sheets. Storage in a high-tech kitchen must be plentiful and easily accessible if you don’t want your gourmet cooking to slow you down.

Roll out spice racks and knife drawers are amazing space savers and keep a large volume of ingredients and your tools within reach at all times. This nearby drawer uses the same idea. It holds a large quantity of the household’s most frequently used dishes inside a single cabinet. Dishes placed down low make it easier for anyone to access them. This detail is often used in kitchens that are employing universal design principles  .

No more stacking and un-stacking to find the lid for that pot. Specialty accessories provide more storage in less space and keep all items easily accessible.


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What gourmet features do you love in your remodeled kitchen? We’d love to hear all about them. Share your comments and tell us all about it!

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