Our Remodeling Process

Deciding to remodel your home can be intimidating. There is no store to wander through to select your new addition, kitchen or bath. There are plenty of beautiful images online, but they typically do not address price or a timeline for the project. How does one get started with a project? The process varies per company, but let me walk you through how we do it at Case.

Our first contact with a potential client is typically by phone or email. We receive a call from someone who is interested in a project. We’ll need to gather a little bit of information: project location, how to contact, what the project is, and when is a good time to meet to review what you would like to do. We will then assign a Project Developer that is fluent in the type of project you are considering.

It is best if you can have a conversation with the Project Developer before you meet in person. That way we can better understand what your goals are and make better use of our time together at the house.

The complimentary meeting in the home usually takes 1-2 hours. There is lots to discuss:

  • Make sure we clearly understand what you would like to accomplish with the project
  • Collaborate with you on what’s possible, we’ll have thoughts and I’m sure you do too
  • Outline our process of turning this conversation into a project
  • Discuss budgeting- what is a realistic budget range for the project
  • Review a timeline: design time, permits/ material ordering, and construction

With that information, you can decide to enter into a CaseStudy® agreement with Case.There is a fee of 1% of the projected project cost to move forward into this step. During the CaseStudy® we will focus on design options, budgeting and project timing. There is a lot that happens during a CaseStudy®. To learn about all of the details, click here.

At the end of the CaseStudy® step, you will have a very good idea of the project- design direction, budget and the time frames involved. With this information you can now decide to move into the Contract Documents step. This phase requires a deposit of 7% of the projected project cost. This deposit will be credited against the total project cost outlined in a construction contract. During this phase of the process we work through all of the details: site inspections by trade experts and a Case Project Manager, material selections, and design refinements. You will have a team of a Project Developer, Designers and Project Manager to guide you through it all. We will be there to help you with every decision.

Once drawings are complete, materials have been selected, and we have gathered input from trade specialists, we will develop a fixed price contract for the work. The contract will include the price of the project, a draw schedule of payments, start/ completion dates, and information specific to your project.

After a construction contract is signed, we will complete permit drawings, apply for the permit, and begin to order materials. Your Project Manager will develop a schedule and begin the process of ramping up to produce the project.

A week or two before the work begins the team will gather at the house for a pre-construction walk through. Often, we will be introducing you to your Case Craftsman at this meeting. We will review the project, explain what is going to happen and when, discuss any concerns or questions you have, and set a regular meeting between you and the Project Manager. Clear and regular communication is critical to a successful project.

Finally, we build the project! We will do our best to make the production process as easy as possible. We’ll dust protect the space, use air scrubbers, and treat your home with respect. Building a project is a big topic- we’ll save the details of that for another post.

Project Manager Greg Polen and team 

That’s our process.

  • CaseStudy® phase: explore options, outline budgeting, and develop timelines
  • Contract Documents: develop detailed drawings, make selections, gather expert advice
  • Construction Contract: fixed price
  • Construction: build the project and back it with a 5 year warranty

Remodeling is all we do. We have refined this process over the course of many years and feel it is truly in the best interest of our clients to have a logical, detailed process that we follow every time. Lets get started on your project today!


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