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Kitchens can be beautiful spaces. Our team spends a tremendous amount of time thinking through color palettes, massing issues and the overall aesthetics of every new kitchen space we design. But looking great is not enough. Kitchens have to work too. Appliance locations, work zones, circulation patterns, and ample countertop space all contribute to a well designed kitchen. Then there is the storage issue. Everyone wants lots and lots of storage, and not just space for everything but a way to organize all of the equipment needed in a modern kitchen. It’s a good thing that there are lots of cabinet accessories to help with this goal. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

You’ve probably seen a spice rack before but here’s a new twist. This version is a pull out cabinet that is located below the countertop. Place adjacent to a cooking surface it provides an easy to access solution without having to reach over a hot cooktop.

Or maybe it’s the tangled web of charging cables and portable devices you’d like to tame. How about a drawer with an outlet built in? No more looking at a collection of phones strewn across the countertop.

Drawer space is a great storage solution, but sometimes there can be wasted space if the drawer is too deep. This 2 tier drawer makes better use of the space and provides a way to organize all of your tools.

If you’re the person that has to have a specialty knife for every task, we’ve got just the accessory for you.

How about a built-in cutting board for those knives? It locks into place so it doesn’t move around and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Believe it or not, there is no law requiring plates and dishes to be stored in wall cabinets! Lifting a stack of dishes from overhead can be a challenge for some people. Drawers can be equipped to provide convenient and efficient storage of all of your plates and dishes. This is also a great Universal Design feature to incorporate into a project.

Then there is that recessed toe space at the bottom of the base cabinets. Is there something we can do with that space? Yes there is- a drawer that opens with just a tap.

These are just a few of the accessories available to maximize the storage space in cabinetry.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation project, Make sure to think through all of the details. If you do, you’ll not only love looking at the new space, you’ll love working in it too!

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