Remodeling With Pets

Are you considering a remodeling project and have pets at home?  There are many things to consider to make sure they are safe during construction.  Keep pets out of the work area, use nontoxic materials, keep doors and fences closed to prevent escapes are the obvious physical things we do.

But did you know that changes to a pet’s environment and daily routine can cause anxiety?  Dogs and cats have more sensitive hearing than we do, and the noises of construction can be similar to thunderstorms & fireworks- creating even more stress for your fur family members.

Dr. Katie Malehorn, owner of Veterinary Park Potomac in Maryland, shares some tips to help keep your pets calm during construction.  Reach out to your veterinarian 4-5 weeks before your project starts construction to see if you should start one of the recommended treatments below.

  1. Adaptil – this over-the-counter synthetic canine pheromone helps dogs feel more relaxed and can prepare them for a change. It can be a spray or a collar.  For cats, try Feliway.
  2. Calming Care- a supplement from Purina Pro Plan, available for dogs or cats. Sprinkle in their food daily.  Another dog or cat supplement to try is Zylkene.
  3. Prescriptions- for the very anxious, your vet may recommend this to help keep them fear free.
  4. Increase mental & physical stimulation- 5 minutes of mental stimulation has the equivalent benefit of 45 minutes of physical exercise! Food puzzles, frozen kongs, or tug-a-jug are some great options to occupy your pet during construction.


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