Stairway to Heaven

Staircases often act as the literal center of the home – connecting the first and second floors – and are a feature used by everyone.

How many family pictures of important moments have you taken on your staircase? Or how many holidays have you decorated your banister with colorful lights or garlands? The stairs are an integral piece of the house.

While the staircase is very functional, it can be fashionable as well. The design of the staircase can be an important part of decorating the home.

A Grand Entrance

As one of the first things visitors see upon entering the house, the stairs have an opportunity to make a good first impression on your guests. Large grand staircases give a sense of stateliness. Whether they have a dark or light trim, large staircases have a bold presence and make a statement all their own.

Traditional Staircase by Norwalk Architects & Designers Robert A. Cardello Architects
Traditional Staircase by Vancouver Architects & Designers VictorEric Design Group

Effective Use of Space

If a grand staircase is not the best choice for your space – especially because of its size – a spiral staircase is a great option. Taking up very little room, the spiral staircase is aesthetically pleasing and functional. This option can be put in the corner to take you from one room to the room above, and is a great solution for connecting a refurbished space or an addition to an already built and decorated room of the house.

Traditional Staircase by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Dallas Design Group, Interiors
Traditional Staircase by Myrtle Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Knotting Hill Interiors

Open Space

If a traditional staircase feels as though it takes up too much room in your home, try a staircase that is very open on its sides and steps. This allows the room in which you have your stairs to feel bigger, more spacious and well lit. There are also many options of materials from which to choose to construct these “floating” stairs so you can truly have a unique staircase.

Contemporary Staircase by Kelowna Specialty Contractors VC Decor
Rustic Staircase by Atlanta Architects & Designers Moon Bros Inc
Modern Staircase by Other Metro Architects & Designers Bill’s

Make Functional Also Fashionable

If a more traditional staircase is what you are looking to have in your home, there are a number of creative ways to give it a little personality. You can replace a traditional banister with an ornamental option. If you have enough room, you can convert the landing into a reading nook. Another idea is to paint the backboard of the stairs different colors.

Traditional Staircase by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Traditional Staircase by Carmel Architects & Designers Thomas Bateman Hood Architecture

Stairs are an essential part of a multi-level home. There are many ways to make your set of stairs unique and beautiful. What do you love most about your staircase?

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