Spotlight on: Carolyn Elleman

At Case we really pride ourselves on being leaders in the remodeling industry, but it takes amazing people to make that happen. We thought you might be interested in getting to know them a little bit better. This week we’re highlighting Designer Carolyn Elleman.

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Spotlight on: Carolyn Elleman

How long have you been at Case? Have you held any other positions in the company?

I have been at Case for 5 years in May. I have only held one position – Designer, Interiors Specialist.

What’s your design style?

 My personal design style is modern, especially mid-century modern. The clean lines, and bright colors are such a groovy way to express your home.

If you were remodeling your home, what project would you do?

There are 3 things I have in mind. No. 1: To be able to add a slide beside the set of stairs. No one can ever grow out of wanting to slide down a slide!
No.2: I think I would LOVE to create a “gaming room”. This could be a great place not only for video games, but board games as well – maybe even install a bowling alley.
No.3: To be able to add swings at a bar area. Bar stools are okay – but to have a live swing set at your bar; would be fun!

Where do you think it’s smartest to splurge and save?

The splurge part would be the things you touch and see every day. The toilet, sink, appliances, and cabinets are all big things that we touch and feel everyday – so those are the things that you might not want to penny pinch on.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Case?

The clients! There is such an amazing array of people who walk through our doors, and each have different wants and needs. It’s just an amazing opportunity to be able to work on and create someone’s dream space.

Is there anything a client can do to make your job easier?

 Give me your input. We all see and understand things differently. If there is ever something you don’t understand, want more explanation, or you just don’t like – please feel free to speak up. That’s what I am here for!

What if I don’t know my design style?

You are part of a large collective. Not everyone comes to us and knows exactly what they want.

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Carolyn’s Recent Projects

Family Time

Contemporary Chic

modern bathroom in white with small wooden vanity

custom modern white bathroom with black slate and terrazo tile

Stylish Studio

transitional gourmet white and grey kitchen with subway grey backsplash, black faucet

City Chic

case design kitchen in DC has LED Linear Pendant packs a lot of lumens into an ultra-thin linear-suspension frame, minimal lines, maximum light and a marble kitchen island with three seatings

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