Small Kitchen, Big Style

Small Kitchen, Big Style: My ‘Top 10’ Small Kitchen Design Tips

1. Open Shelving

Open shelves work wonders in small kitchens. They provide the same amount of storage as wall cabinets, and they make the space feel more open and airy by breaking up the cabinetry.


2. Glass Front Cabinets

Like open shelves, cabinets with glass doors will add to the visual volume of your kitchen, and will help to keep the dust off the contents.


3. Adequate Lighting

Good lighting makes a space appear larger. To ensure you are adequately illuminating your kitchen, you need multiple types of lighting: 1) overhead, (i.e. recessed cans)  2) task lighting, (i.e. under-cabinet lights)and 3) ambient lighting, (i.e.hanging  pendants or  toe kick lights).


4. Paneled Appliances

Paneling your appliances creates a seamless look. This makes the kitchen feel larger by allowing the eye to travel uninterrupted through the space.


5. Ceiling Height Cabinets

Even if you have super tall ceilings, don’t cut your wall cabinets short. Bringing your wall cabinet all the way to the ceiling visually heightens your ceilings. Taller wall cabinets will also add to the total storage footage, which is essential for small spaces.


6. Don’t Skimp on Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are practical as well as decorative. It protects your walls from food splatter while adding extra style to your kitchen. In a small kitchen you can splurge on the backsplash since you don’t have much square footage to cover.


7. Use Every Square Inch

Get creative with unexpected storage solutions. Sneak some drawers in your toe kick or design a recessed niche over the cook-top.


8. Take a Wall Down

Eliminating a wall and creating an open concept kitchen is one of the most effective ways to make your small kitchen look larger.  A Well-designed island or peninsula will help with storage, while providing an extra place to gather around and interact.


9. Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is like jewelry. It can also make or break any kitchen.  Whether you are using a minimalist pull or a handmade artistic knob, make sure not to let this detail get overlooked.


10. Add Your Personality!

Let your personality shine through! Don’t be afraid to show your personality even in the smallest of kitchens: display your cherished possessions and travel souvenirs or add a splash of your favorite color. After all it is YOUR kitchen!


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