Multi-Generational Dwellings: 4 Benefits of a Shower Bench

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4 Benefits of a Shower Bench

Considering renovating your bathroom? One of the things that would make a BIG difference in a bathroom shared by different generations is including a shower bench. Shower benches can be built-in, floating or can fold down. The top of the bench needs to slope slightly to allow the water to drain. The right height for a bench is between 18” – 21” off the finished floor and the depth should be between 12” – 21”.

What are the benefits?

  • A place to sit and let the water rinse over you, wash your feet or use a hand held shower faucet’s massage feature.
  • A place to put multiple shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles.
  • A place to put your foot while you shave.
  • A place to sit for someone elderly with balance, strength and endurance issues.


A built in shower bench.


A floating shower bench.

fold down

A fold down shower bench.

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