Multi-Generational Dwellings

A series about smart remodeling that blends function, safety and aesthetics for all ages.

Five reasons why remodeling for multi-generational families, especially in the expensive DC Metro housing market, make sense:

  1. Two income earners with children can have built-in child care which has huge financial rewards. According to The Washington Post, October 4, 2015 Crunched report, child care in the DC Metro area costs between almost $13K – $31K a YEAR. This money could be used towards a permanent remodel of an existing home.


  1. Adults 25 – 34 years old are moving back home because rentals in the DC Metro area cost almost $18K a year. With student loans to pay off, this can be impossible to afford even if you have a decent job. Not to mention that this generation is getting married later.


  1. The Baby Boomer generation is following the Greatest Generation into retirement age. This means that as they age health or ability issues can arise. A 2012 MetLife Mature Market Institute survey put the average annual cost of a private nursing home room at $90,520, a semiprivate at $81,030 and assisted living at $42,600. Those numbers are for ONE year. It makes both financial and peace of mind sense to know older parents are being taken care of properly.
  1. Another incentive is that families pool their money to have a larger home with different compartments to satisfy their housing needs. In a market like DC where housing is so expensive this can be financially savvy.


  1. Many cultures have traditionally lived under one roof. It connects the many generations and helps with the workload of domestic responsibilities.


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