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I recently attended appliance training at the Sub-Zero and Wolf factory in Madison, Wisconsin. Before arriving, my familiarity of both brands consisted of:

  • The appliances are very expensive
  • Sub-Zero refrigerators have two separate compressors which makes food last longer
  • These appliances are more for professional cooks

After three full days of training classes, cooking demonstrations, and factory tours, I am happy to share my new familiarity and love of these appliance brands!



Sub-Zero has been an American family business for the last 70 years.  They are well known for being leaders in innovation due to their development of the first dual refrigeration systems as well as the first built-in/integrated style refrigerator.  These features allow you to achieve a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen without a bulky refrigerator being in the way.  The function of the dual compressors keep the freezer air and fridge air completely separate, so no more freezer burn, stinky ice cubes, or produce that goes bad quickly.  The interior temperature remains within 1° of its setting and consumes very little energy (less than a 75-watt lightbulb)!  Sub-Zero has introduced wine refrigeration with just as many unique features for maximum preservation – that addresses UV light, vibration, and humidity.


Sub-Zero acquired Wolf in 2000. Since the acquisition, they have continued to make engineering advancements in cooking.  We now have ovens that cook with steam and convection; and induction and modular cook-tops.  The chefs, who performed cooking demonstrations, shared their preference for the induction cook-top and electric grill in the 15” widths.  I love the flexibility these smaller appliances give you to pick and choose several styles of cooking instead of limiting your options to one large cook-top.  With so many styles and options, anyone is able to cook on these appliances, not just the professionals.


I am very thankful for attending such valuable training and having the opportunity to share things not everyone is able to experience.  What stood out the most to me was how clean the factories were, that most of the production line is automated, and the extreme amount of testing they do on each and EVERY appliance.  Yes, these appliances are still on the expensive end, but if they last 20+ years (on average) and are easy and fun to use, I think that is a worthwhile investment.

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