How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

As the hub of the household, the kitchen is one room that undoubtedly deserves special attention.

Used as a breakfast pit stop on the way to school, a space to do thoughtful work during the afternoon, and a welcoming place to gather for family dinner, kitchens must be multifunctional. But in addition to being useful, your kitchen should also be an inviting and vibrant room where everyone wants to gather.

Whether you prefer modern and sleek or classic and charming, there are plenty of ways to style a kitchen to perfectly fit your vision. Here are some of the top kitchen design trends of 2013 drawn from premier home decorating magazines. Let these lusted-after kitchen features inspire you to make your dream kitchen a reality! Below are the most desired kitchen features for high-end kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Stainless steel appliances

Choosing this metallic grey finish for your kitchen appliances conveys modernity and sophistication. In addition to looking sleek, stainless steel is also useful because scratches and fingerprints are not as visible as they would be on other finishes.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Design-build Firms Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

High tech entertaining

Flatscreen TVs and surround sound speakers aren’t just for the den anymore. Installing an audio system in the kitchen allows you to play classic jazz during cocktail parties to add to the ambiance. Integrating an iPad stand will allow you to prop up your tablet displaying a tasty recipe you found online. Seamlessly incorporating a TV into cabinet space allows you to watch the evening news while prepping dinner. Technology can be an unexpected and entertaining addition to your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen by Tel Aviv Architects & Designers Rina Magen

Eco-friendly elements

As sustainability and environmental consciousness becomes increasingly important, there are certainly ways to incorporate this into your kitchen. For instance, faucets that turn off automatically can help preserve water. Choosing an energy-efficient refrigerator and dishwasher can also significantly reduce energy usage and electric costs. To give your kitchen a rustic, earthy vibe, choose a countertop made of natural wood or stone, add a few house plants, and display your fruits and vegetables artistically.

Contemporary Kitchen by Clarendon Hills Architects & Designers Culligan Abraham Architecture
Eclectic Kitchen by Fort Washington Kitchen & Bath Designers HomeTech Renovations, Inc.

Layered lighting

Depending on the time of day, you may want your kitchen to be bright and cheery or intimate and soothing. The best way to achieve multiple moods is to invest in layered lighting. By installing overhead lights to give a general glow to the room as well as lower chandelier-like fixtures, you can change the feel with the simple flick of the light switch.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Design-build Firms Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Walk-in pantry

A closet-sized pantry allows you to keep your food and drinks in a single area, making it easy to organize and know precisely where things are. No need to scavenge around various cabinets and drawers searching for that one spice you rarely use. Having a pantry also saves space in your cabinets for things you’ll need every day such as utensils, plates, and cups.

Kitchen Pantry
Traditional Kitchen by Montgomeryville Closet & Home Storage Designers The Closet Works, Inc.

Fun work zones

Creating a space dedicated to your favorite kitchen element is one fun way to indulge. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, set up a nice espresso machine with cappuccino cups and creamers stacked next to it. Or if baking is your passion, create a miniature bakery with flours, sugars, and cute cake toppings in decorative glass containers. For those that enjoy entertaining, a wine tasting station is sure to draw admiration from friends who can sip wines poured from an elegant decanter.

Eclectic Kitchen by Minneapolis Architects & Designers Partners 4, Design
Traditional Kitchen by Oakland Cabinets & Cabinetry Paragon Kitchen & Bath Studio

Pick and choose from the kitchen features that appeal most to you, and let Case Design help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted to show off to guests.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Design-build Firms Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

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