Genuine Customer Service Should be the Goal

Our Bethesda office and selection center sits atop a Safeway making it convenient to pick up that jug of milk or that snack for lunch.

There is one aisle that is always full – and if you know this Safeway you know why. It’s because the cashier is the most amazing person you’ve ever met. She always smiles ear to ear. Makes conversation. Is quick and efficient. Beams energy and charisma.

I pride myself on giving 110% but I have to admit that I have my good and bad days. I have to admit that if I was manning the register at a grocery store, I’d daydream. I’d be looking for more challenge. I’d be hard pressed to be pleasant to every single person that passed by.

What’s amazing is that for as much positive cheer as she spreads, she gets it back in spades. I’m sure it didn’t start that way – on her first day. But people seem to be enveloped by her and feed back to her the same love for life. A shot of adrenaline with every interaction.

Amazing, world-beater customer service is a gift. The ability to genuinely energize and lift those that you touch is much deeper. Wow.

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