Five Questions to Ponder Before Remodeling

Five Questions to Ponder Before Remodeling:

Who uses this space?

Be it a kitchen, bath, or a whole house, it is vitally important to consider who is using each space as you think through how you want it to change.

Are you planning a master bath that two people will be using? Is this a kitchen that the whole family enjoys? Maybe your house is just in need of a face lift so the kitchen needs remodeling, but it isn’t often cooked in. These things greatly influence many design details that will affect your daily life.


How do you use it?

Often we get so hung up on how we’re used to interacting with a room or our appliances, that it’s hard to think through the new and improved space. Now that you know who is using this space, how would it be best used?

Often there is a microwave mounted up high above the stove that ought to be moved below the counter top for easy reach (and clear countertops!) or a kitchen layout that is far from optimal for the given space. Your designer can walk you through these thoughts and help come up with the best new space for you.

What is your aesthetic?

Whether pinterest, houzz, or facebook, we are constantly surrounded by stunning kitchens, bathrooms, and homes at our finger tips! If you’re considering remodeling, start paying close attention and save some of these photos.

Often, the designs we see won’t translate directly into the space available, but a good designer can help you identify the common details that have attracted you, and use those to create a unique space just to your taste!


What are your driving factors?

At the end of the day, what is most important? Is budget your bottom line, or is it the finished look? Maybe it’s all just a matter of construction for you, or even the timeline… This answer is different for each person, and never just one thing.

Knowing this before you approach a remodeler can be a great help though – it allows your designers to select the right materials for your taste or budget, and for your remodeler to be clear about project timelines and what deadlines might need to be met for selections and contracts.

How will you choose who to work with?

Will you be sold because that contractor has just your tile? Is it because they worked for your neighbor? What do their online reviews look like?

Think on this before you “shop around” – often we need to compromise on time or budget to get someone that we are confident will do the work just the way we want it. And let’s never forget – in contracting, things rarely go perfectly the first time around, so you need to find someone you can trust to do what’s needed to make it perfect in the end!


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