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Calling all DC Residents! Love living in the nation’s capital, but feel a bit cramped in your “one butt kitchen?” Does your historic row home bathroom need a face lift? From the opportune location and historic architecture, to the upbeat city lifestyle, there is no denying the reasons we love to work and live in the heart of the DMV. However, living in Washington, DC does present a challenge all of us are all too familiar with: Space, or should I say a lack of it. And that’s not the only sacrifice we make. We sacrifice space for convenience and our personal style for the historic yet metropolitan life DC brings. But does that mean we can’t live in the home of our dreams? In our new DC Showroom, Case shows our clients how to maximize their space through remodeling, show off their style, and make sacrifices a thing of the past.


Imagine.  You wake up for work in the morning (a struggle in and of itself), and stumble over your significant other fighting over that valuable mirror space in your tiny “master bathroom.” Or waking up Saturday, your relaxing day off from work, and making breakfast surrounded by your hyper little ones in a kitchen with no leg room and zero counter space for your crepe ingredients. Sound all too familiar? Our showroom was specifically designed for you, a “one butt kitchen” owner.  We know not all kitchens can be the larger than life ones shown on our favorite home renovation TV shows, so we feature kitchen appliances directly sized to fit your space. We know all the tricks in space-saving cabinetry, and what will make your now cramped kitchen feel organized and spacious.  You can still get the gourmet look, or contemporary feel, but in a way suited to fit your kitchen.


There are many different decisions a homeowner makes when undergoing remodeling, all as important as the next. However, there are some remodeling concerns I bet you have never even thought of regarding your project, like water.  Have you ever thought about the amount of water it takes to flush your toilet, or take that long steamy shower? The reality is many haven’t, but that is all about to change with the new DC water flow restrictions. Put in place by the District, these limits effect how much water is allowed to flow to your fixtures, emphasizing conservation.  The last thing you want to think about when remodeling is the gallons per minute (GPM) running to your toilet, faucets, or shower-head, but in our new DC Showroom we display and feature products that allow you to meet these restrictions in an un-restricting way, keeping your style and budget in mind.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your dated kitchen or bathroom, or see what the options are to maximize your space, our Distinctly District Case Showroom is there for you. We would love to help walk you through all of the decisions of your next remodeling project, so you can truly live sacrifice free.


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