Designing Beautiful Basements

Although the basement isn’t the most visible room in the house, it nonetheless provides crucial storage space for odds and ends, and sometimes even extra room for activities.

It is absolutely worthwhile to devote time to finishing your basement with touches that give it a comfortable, homey feel. Not only will it create a sense of completion to have an entirely finished house, but it will also create a space that you will want to spend time in rather than dash in and out of. Keep reading to discover some of the top things to keep in mind when designing the ideal finished basement.

Contemporary Basement by Portland Design-Build Firms Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Traditional Basement by Boston Architects & Designers Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Size Matters: Small vs. Big Basements

The amount of space you have will be the biggest factor in determining your basement’s purpose. Small basements may be primarily used as storage space. To make the most of it, seek out attractive shelving and cabinetry to be filled with decorative bins and baskets.

Contemporary Basement by Gurnee Interior Designers & Decorators Your Favorite Room By Cathy Zaeske

Larger spaces allow the basement to be multi-purpose. In addition to holding and hiding rarely used things, large basements can incorporate other features of interest. Perhaps you would like to keep noisy laundry machines there, house overnight guests on their own floor of the house, or set up a rec room for kids to tumble around in. This way you can relegate whatever you don’t necessarily need or want on your main floor to the basement.

Traditional Basement by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.
Contemporary Basement by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Melanie Morris Design

Make it Your Niche

As a hideaway from the rest of the house, your basement can be your niche for your favorite activity. For instance, fitness buffs can build a gym, crafty folks could create a DIY station, or movie fanatics might install a home theater. Because your basement stands alone as a separate floor of the house, don’t be afraid to get creative and make this space somewhere that is tailored to your passion.

Media Room
Contemporary Media Room by Other Metro Home Media Design & Installation Home Theater Lifestyles
Contemporary Home Office by North Hollywood General Contractors Globus Builder
Contemporary Home Gym by Millbrook Architects & Designers Crisp Architects

Basement Bathrooms

If you have a large basement and plan to spend a decent amount of time down there, one of the best investments is a bathroom. That way, you won’t need to trek upstairs to the main floor when you need a restroom. Basement bathrooms are especially useful if you have young children who play in the basement or overnight guests who plan to sleep there. Consider this addition something that will greatly benefit the usefulness and value of your basement.

Traditional Basement by Minneapolis Architects & Designers James Barton Design Build

Lighting Up the Room

Because natural light is in short supply in below-ground rooms, installing sufficient lighting is critical. Overhead lighting is the easiest way to create a glow so you’ll never have to stumble around in the dark looking for a lamp switch. Note how this basement included numerous types of lighting fixtures, both overhead and wall-mounted. Be sure to devote attention to ample lighting.

Contemporary Basement by Moorestown Architects & Designers Diane Burgoyne Interiors

Finishing Touches

In order to make your basement feel inviting, treat it as you would any other room in your house. Walls should be nicely painted, pipes hidden, and ceilings entirely covered. Although many choose to keep the design style cohesive with the rest of the house, adventurous homeowners may opt to decorate the basement in a unique way. A rustic look with exposed brick and natural wood may appeal to those who prefer a simple and authentic basement style. Others may prefer a sleek, modern look if they plan to use this room to entertain guests. The basement style is something you can certainly be playful with.

Family Room
Traditional Family Room by Denver Photographers Jon Eady Photographer
Traditional Basement by Chicago Architects & Designers dSPACE Studio Ltd.

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