Catherine S. – Case Design Spotlight

Catherine and her husband Nick were facing a big decision.

Should they add space to their existing home or simply buy a new home? They loved their present 1920’s home which was purchased when they were newlyweds, but it simply didn’t have the space they now required for a growing family. Additionally, the home included some previous “70’s style” renovations that needed serious attention. Their wish list included 3 additional bedrooms and 2 additional baths.

2nd story “Modular” Addition – Before

Soon after Catherine attended a Case Design home remodeling seminar she made the decision to remodel. At the seminar, Catherine met her project developer, Matt Dirksen, whom she invited to her family’s home to discuss potential renovation options. Dirksen knew immediately that there literally wasn’t anywhere to go but up. A second-story addition would also require the façade of their home to be remodeled. This interior-exterior remodel was slated to be completed in just six months!


Considering their budget, Dirksen decided that the best option was to use a modular addition for the second floor. The modular concept allowed the family to save both money and time. Though the modules were pre-made, Catherine and Nick got to personalize finishes and fixtures that gave their home a special, customized look. One of the most special features of the house for Catherine is the 9-foot tall ceiling.

Over the course of six months, an entire level was added to Catherine and Nick’s home and the exterior of the home was completely updated. Keeping in touch via weekly meetings, the Case team and Catherine kept the project on track. Catherine said, “My parents live close by so we just stayed at their house for the duration of the remodel. I would stop by the house on my way back from dropping the kids off to school.” She was also impressed with the team’s ability to be flexible. “When I said I could be reached by text during office hours, they texted me to give me updates. Nick got calls because he felt more comfortable with that.”


In addition to the Case team’s communication skills, Catherine highlighted their professionalism and trustworthiness. She was also happy that they were receptive to her questions and concerns. “One of my concerns was that the second floor would block the natural light our skylights give us. [Our Project Developer] Matt made sure that we never lost the natural light. There’s lots of natural light in the house,” she explained.


After the renovation was complete, Catherine’s neighbors let her know how impressed they were with the exterior of her home. “They really love it. I’m glad,” Catherine said. If the exterior of the home wasn’t enough of a referral, Catherine said that she would definitely recommend referring Case Design to friends and family. She is even considering using Case again for another renovation!


We’re excited that Catherine and Nick were happy with our services, and we will continue serving our customers in this manner as we have for over 50 years. We were recently honored by the National Capital Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals when we were named the winner of the 2013 National Capitol Business Ethics Award. This demonstrates our continued commitment to achieving the highest level of ethical business practices.

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