Can I Get a Fully Vaccinated Crew on My Project?

As the vaccine roll out builds momentum and more and more people receive their first or second dose, we are starting to get asked a question. “Can I have a fully vaccinated crew work on my project?” Well… the short answer is no, but please allow me to more fully explain.

We implemented comprehensive procedures and protocols for office and field personnel in March of 2020. These procedures applied to anyone that entered a Case office or anyone that was on a Case job site. You can learn more about Safe Home here. From the beginning, we have taken the Covid crisis very seriously and we continue to do so. Then why can’t we guarantee a client a fully vaccinated team? There are several reasons:

– We are not forcing employees to get the vaccine. We believe that health and healthcare are very personal matters that are best decided by the individual effected.

– We are not comfortable asking employees about their decision to vaccinate or not. These are deeply personal choices and there may also be HIPAA concerns around this issue.

But the biggest reason is because it just isn’t good enough. There are many people beyond the Case team (Craftsman, Project Manager, Designer and Project Developer) that may be present on the job site. Alliance partners, trade specialist, delivery people, county or city inspectors, etc. may be involved in the construction process. What about them? The good news is that we have a solution- Safe Home.

Since we began following the items outlined in Safe Home we have produced nearly 200 Case projects and almost 650 Fred projects. We are not aware of a single case of virus transmission that can be traced back to a Case | Fred job site. Zero. Isn’t that what really matters?

While the vaccine offers hope of returning to whatever “normal” will be, we cannot let our guard down. We will continue to follow our Safe Home procedures and encourage Case | Fred employees to get the vaccine. Our team and your family deserve nothing less.

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