What to Expect During Your Kitchen Make-over

Are you dreaming about remodeling your kitchen into your “dream kitchen?”

It isn’t as simple as hiring a contractor and getting your new kitchen in a weekend. Remodeling a kitchen is a huge undertaking that involve many details, decisions, and steps to creating the kitchen that you want. It helps to be aware of what to expect and prepare for the unexpected before starting such a large, exciting endeavor.

Setting a budget and accounting for additional expenses, expecting delays, and learning to overlook the mess are all tips to help prepare you for what to expect during your kitchen remodel.

Be Budget Wise

A good rule of thumb for budgeting a kitchen remodel is about 15 percent of your home’s current market value. However, it’s wise to expect additional expenses that aren’t included in your budget. Your chosen materials might be more expensive that first thought. Plan your budget on 80 percent of what you want your total budget to actually be. Labor and installation are two main cost categories, but don’t forget about those miscellaneous expenses such as changing your mind about paint color or dishes and towels to match your new updated kitchen. And, of course, include the cost of dining out since you will not be able to utilize your kitchen for awhile.

Expect Delays

Being prepared for unforeseen delays can help cope with the frustration you may encounter during your kitchen remodel. Sometimes, delays that are outside of the contractor’s control can come up whether it’s out of stock materials on backorder, faulty existing construction that now needs to be brought up to code, weather delays, or change in laborers could happen. Develop a good working relationship with your contractor and maintain constant communication.

Make Peace with the Mess

Once it gets to the stage of gutting your kitchen, which involves the demolition or deconstruction of all your old cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and lighting, it’s going to get messy – very messy. Be prepared to make peace with the fact that there will be dirt and dust everywhere even after the demolition process is finished. Expect the whole area to be dusty and messy for the majority of the construction. Make it clear to the contractor that you expect the jobsite will be cleaned up at the end of the remodel.

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