Top Five Cool Products to Use in Your Next Home Renovation From KBIS 2020

KBIS is THE largest kitchen and bath show in the nation. Coming back from the show I was a little overwhelmed by all of the new products, but I was also so excited to share the new items that we are seeing come to market within this next year! These are some of the products that I think people should consider when starting to think about their next remodeling project…


Kohler Avoir One Piece Toilet

This toilet was super impressive to me – it is sleek and very compact. The best part is it is almost half the cost of some of Kohler’s other intelligent toilets. If you don’t have an outlet nearby – no worries. This toilet takes 4 AA batteries- making it even more convenient for homeowners who just want to swap a toilet without adding a plug.

Grohe Smart Box Valves

With technology taking over the bathroom – sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Grohe came out with an intelligent way to look “techy” – without the technology.  This system can not only control temperature, but also is a simple push button for switching between fixtures in your shower with no electricity (or batteries) needed. The different button combinations and finishes are almost endless

Emtek Hardware

Matte black and matte gold are the new best thing – not only in the bathroom and kitchen fixture world, but also in the hardware world. Emtek has created an amazing variety of not just pulls and knobs for your bathroom, but locks, and entry hardware for your doors at home!

Ann Sacks Scala

The new popular color this year is green! Ann Sacks has found an amazing marble that is not only gorgeous, but also incorporates that beautiful green.


Victoria & Albert World of Color Tubs

Everyone wants that one item in their home that they can call theirs – that they can say, we splurged on this, and I am SO glad we did. This is your opportunity to do just that. Victoria and Albert’s customizable tub option gives you a chance to pick that crazy color of your dreams or to have the most brilliant accent piece within your bathroom.

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