Top 5 Product Trends of Design & Construction Week 2016

Design and Construction week was held in Las Vegas January 19 – 22, 2016. This is the premier design event of the year, combining the forces of NAHB’s International Builders’ Show (IBS) and NKBA’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

This 3rd annual collaboration is a showcase for the latest in industry trends, products and technologies, with as many as 2,000 brands exhibited in several convention center halls and outdoors.

I spent 2 full days touring the show floor, being impressed by everything that caught my eye, and believe me, there was a lot to see.  Many exhibitors provided opportunities for interactive experiences with their products, whether it was watching a cooking demonstration that utilized new appliance technology, shower heads and faucets streaming water, or seeing displays of the newest quartz, laminate, windows, doors, siding, roofing, knobs, tile, lighting, glass, railings and decking….. the show did not fall short.

Every year I come away with new ideas to use new products in my remodeling projects. This year was no different!

The top 5 product trends of design & construction week 2016 that I hope to see incorporated into my work this year are the following:

1: High Tech Appliances

I hope to design a kitchen (or 2 or 3) that uses new high tech appliances. Many appliances now have new features that can streamline everyone’s lifestyle, such as smart refrigerators that keep track of your food inventory and freshness. There are also induction cooking surfaces, like Vikings new cooktop, that directly heats the pot/pan using magnetic induction. This works very quickly and not only speeds up food preparation,  but puts less heat output into the kitchen and the cooking surface cools down quickly.  Double ovens with a steam feature are another up and coming kitchen standard that might take the place of many of our microwave ovens.  Steam provides a very healthy cooking method. State of the art built in coffee makers in places you would never expect and wine coolers are definitely also trending.

Stainless steel still reigns supreme, but there are brands that are stepping out and offering pops of unexpected color, such as La Cornue (pictured below) and Dacor.  GE Monogram has also introduced a new slate line with a rich elegant finish that is easy to maintain (no finger prints!)


2: Plumbing Fixtures

This is the year of the unexpected for your bathroom or kitchen.

Your shower has the opportunity to go digital with Kohler’s DTV prompt system or DTV+ products.  These systems allow you to control your shower’s features from multiple locations.

Clean modern faucets in new finishes such as rose gold and black were also highlighted this year.  Slick hand showers and shower heads were also trending with their water sensing features along with the ability to dial up the preferred stream of water. You choose, relaxing or invigorating.

Kitchen sinks with built in accessories to simplify practical use and eliminate kitchen clutter were also highlighted.

American Standard’s DXV introduced 3D printed faucets (pictured below).  Winner of ‘Best in Show 2016,’ was the alloy material of these new limited edition faucets with concealed waterways to take on sculptural paths, which create not only a beautiful look, but a sensory experience with the water stream.


3: Countertops and Backsplashes

Quartz and laminate countertops made big impressions this year. The laminates shown this year were not the laminates of the ‘70’s.  New patterns and prompts on how to use laminates were featured in the exhibit hall.  Laminate on walls, laminate table top islands and waterfall countertops really stood out to me. Cambria has a number of beautiful new options (pictured below). Quartz showed it has the ability to surprise you with its patterning and there is a hope that quartz tiles will be available in the near future to help create backsplashes.  Also, the newcomer ‘Stikwood’ introduced me to stick-able sheets of wood that can be adhered to wall surfaces – awesome and not expensive.


4: Tile

Walker Zanger (pictured below), Ann Sacks, and others showed new trends in tile.  This year a trend toward geometric and texture was apparent.  There were tiled surfaces that wanted to be touched because they just didn’t look like one would expect.  There were many tiles that introduced geometric patterns in 3D.  I also saw tiles that were made of concrete, tiles made of stone and metal combinations, and glass tile that was textured, matte or glossy.


5:  Outdoor Living

Outdoor kitchens and living spaces remain a trend and this year the show introduced its new outdoor products area.  Displayed was everything from waterproof cabinets, outdoor appliances, lighting and decking surfaces.  Marvin displayed its exterior bi-fold door, a unit that gives a homeowner a real opportunity to open the house to the exterior with a very wide, clear opening. Caliber Appliances showcased an amazing grill, and Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet featured many of their outdoor appliances; their outdoor artisan fire pizza oven was exceptionally impressive (pictured below). Liebherr showcased their outdoor beverage center and wine cooler, as well.


Maybe your home renovation this year will take the step and be a trend setter. If you want to incorporate any of this year’s Design and Construction Week 2016 trends – you must get in touch with me! We can make your dream project come true – this year’s show proved it!

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