The Season of New Beginnings

We all know nature can be therapeutic in many ways to the human body. So why not bring the great outdoors inside your home, allowing the benefits to enhance your body and soul. Mother nature has some secrets that can turn your kitchen or bathroom space in to a more relaxing and revitalizing zone for you to enjoy. Why not explore some of these secrets while planning for a new kitchen or bathroom project?

So, how can you possibly incorporate an outdoor feel while renovating your space? This gorgeous 50’s Arlington Rambler Renovation I designed is the perfect project to give you some tips.

Enlarge or add new windows to your space that will provide ample access to sunlight, fresh air, and overall feeling of spaciousness. Windows play an important role in the overall appearance of a room, especially when it comes to size. Floor to ceiling windows and doors will bring a sense of connectivity to outdoors, while adding depth and dimension to your space.

Open your kitchen to your family room, dining room or another adjacent room. Removing walls is a great way to allow more light to flow throughout your home, giving you the feeling of being more connected to the outdoors. You will gain openness along with added views, light and airflow in the new space. Also, you don’t always need to expand with an addition to gain space and connectivity.  You can easily create an open floor plan to achieve the sense of openness and flow.

Use natural materials in your design like reclaimed wood beams, countertops, shelves and natural stone surfaces. Bring in an organic feel with your decor with jute rugs, hand-blown glass fixtures and make plants and fresh flowers a permanent part of your decor. The easiest way to bring the outdoors in is to literally bring the outdoors in!

Surrounding yourself in nature has proven to have benefits far beyond aesthetics. Nature can help overall well being by reducing stress levels, giving you a Prana Boost and cultivating a sense of wonder and connection within. While nothing is better than actually spending time outdoors, a few integral changes to your design can bring the outdoors in and reflect elements in your indoor environment to enjoy. If you are ready to tackle a new project in The Season of New Beginnings, I am ready to explore the wonders with you!

Have a wonderful and creative Spring/Summer Season!

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