The Forecast for American Kitchens and Baths

What is in the stars for Kitchens and Baths? What are the latest trends? How can you stay at the forefront of design? As an industry, we typically look to our industry leaders and stay current with the newest products. The American market heavily relies on European trends and innovations. EuroCucina, a highly coveted industry event in Milan, Italy is where all European manufacturers showcase their latest gadgets and highlight upcoming trends. Kitchen and bath experts look to this event to enhance their knowledge and get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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Below are a few products that I predict you will see make waves in the next couple of years.

Lighted Cabinets

When meeting with clients, I always stress the need for good task lighting in the kitchen. Our designs always account for under-cabinet lighting. How about lighting inside each cabinet? How about lighting the inside of a tall pantry cabinet? With LED technology now lighting up our world one diode at a time, we can squeeze lighting in different areas no matter how awkward the space. European cabinetry also commonly allows for lighting.

Here at Case, our favorite cabinet line is Crystal Cabinets. Crystal took note of this innovation in design and have included pre-installed LED tape lighting on all of their cabinets. This makes installation easier, uses fewer wires, and gives a clean seamless surface to each cabinet. The LED tape supplies plenty of light to reach in and grab what’s inside the cabinet.


Hidden or Fully Integrated Appliances

In the auto industry, many are trading the huge Hummer SUV’s for smaller compact vehicles. Similarly, appliance makers are also engineering compact and efficient products. Refrigeration now can be designed to blend with cabinetry, which makes for a streamline design.


Skinny Surfaces

In keeping with minimalist ideals, let’s cut the fat and chunky countertops. A thin counter top looks modern and sleek. Consentino’s new product Dekton provides a tough durable surface in a slim slab. The surface is said to be so hard that it can dull knives.

No Hardware

This may have been very popular in the 80’s, but now it’s back with a twist. Aluminum track integrated into the cabinet can disguise the cabinet handle. The aluminum track is mounted on the top of the door or drawer and the need for cabinet hardware no longer exists.

Flat Panel Natural Finishes

Mixing glossy and textured surfaces is becoming more and more popular. Also, it is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate brown tones in to your design to give a more down to earth color palette.

Built-In Herb Garden

This is not just for urban living. As a society, we want to grow our own resources and live a cleaner, healthier life. To help us achieve these goals, there are now appliances that allow you to grow your own vegetation and build an herb garden directly in your kitchen.

You are already seeing these design ideas incorporated in new kitchens today. I predict these “luxury” items of today will become ‘standard’ features tomorrow.

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