Summer Bathroom Updates Made Easy with the Case Design Bath Program

When the Aikins decided to move forward with a hallway bathroom remodel, they wanted to update and neutralize the space.

They wanted to make it functional for both their growing toddler and adult house guests. The bathroom had a sink on stilts with no vanity storage, poor lighting and ventilation, a leaky shower, and an outdated look. They referred to it fondly as their “little pink bathroom.”



This hallway bath got a complete makeover for a whole new look.

The goal was to replace the pink tiling and fixtures, resurface the walls, remove the linoleum floor, and change the color scheme.

The Aikin bathroom was remodeled as part of the Case Design 2012 Bath Program. The program is designed to help busy homeowners streamline the remodeling process and timeline, by giving homeowners fewer decisions to make over materials, keeping those materials in stock, and simplifying construction.

How the Bath Program works

The Case Design/Remodeling team has put together a bath collection with nine design platforms that include three design styles: contemporary, transitional, and traditional. Homeowners can choose designs from three price levels.

Each package includes all the materials necessary for the remodel, including the fixtures, tile, vanity and accessories. The pre-selected materials eliminate many decisions that homeowners may deliberate over because there are thousands of options to choose from for each material and dozens of materials to decide on.

Under this streamlined remodeling process a bathroom remodel takes about four weeks. The first two weeks are spent choosing and ordering materials, and the following two weeks are dedicated to construction. Homeowners may decide to make custom modifications, but fewer customizations mean the project takes less time.

Using the bath program, we’re able to cut project timelines by more than half. Bathroom remodels typically take a total of 8 to 12 weeks: 4 to 6 weeks to select and order materials, and another 4 to 6 weeks for construction.

The bath program is a practical solution designed to get the job done. Homeowners can take a project from concept to completion in a little over a month. There’s no spending the entire summer on a bathroom remodel.

From old-school pink to contemporary white.

Working with Case project designer Allie Mann, the Aikins chose a level II contemporary design for their hallway bath. They customized their design to sensibly improve the space by updating the ventilation, putting in additional lighting, and adding a waterproof membrane underneath the new shower tile to prevent future leaks.

Here are a few images from the work in progress:


After five days of construction, the old tile had been removed and the new tub was in place. The shower walls were reinforced with a Schluter membrane to deter leaks. Lighting was added to the shower as well.


A day later the space is prepped for tile. The new tile will extend from tub to ceiling to help make the space look bigger. A larger format tile also helps open up the space.


The floor is prepped for tile as well and the walls are ready for some new paint. A 12×12 tile format keeps with the contemporary design and helps open up the space to make it appear bigger.

Moving right along . . .

The bathroom is really transformed during the second week of construction as everything falls into place. It’s not even recognizable as the same space anymore.


From pink to white, this bathroom has changed dramatically. Homeowners aren’t completely off the hook when it comes to decisions over materials with the bath program. The colors of the vanity, tiles, and walls were some of the choices that make this bathroom unique.


Here you can see the contemporary Moen showerhead and Daltile porcelain tile that were used in the shower.

After about two and a half weeks, the new bathroom is ready to go. From the design platform the Aikins now have to work with, they can add their own accessories to the space to decorate it as they please. In a contemporary bath design adornment is usually minimal, but subtle touches like the color and style of towels, bath mats, and the shower curtain can really develop the look of a room and personalize the space.

Final “after” images of the bath makeover is complete and we will post photos of the finished space in our next article!

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