Spotlight on: Melissa Wood

At Case we really pride ourselves on being leaders in the remodeling industry, but it takes amazing people to make that happen. We thought you might be interested in getting to know them a little bit better. This week we’re highlighting Designer Melissa Wood.

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Spotlight on: Melissa Wood

How long have you been at Case? Have you held any other positions in the company?

I’ve been working at Case for almost 3 ½ years. I started out part time as a “Design Drafter” and then moved up to the “Designer – Interiors Specialist” role.

What’s your design style?

My personal design style is definitely modern/contemporary! In general, I love spaces that are neutral with pops of color!

If you were remodeling your home, what project would you do?

I would LOVE to remodel my kitchen and master bath! Although both are in good condition (I bought my house last year and it was only 3 years old), the kitchen and master bath are both very traditional in style and not what I would’ve personally chosen.

Where do you think it’s smartest to splurge and save?

I think it’s smartest to splurge on cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures. You can definitely save on tile and hardware. Cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures are typically the most expensive and most widely used items in both kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, you want to make sure you choose materials not only that you love aesthetically, but that are durable and good quality. That being said, there is definitely a wide range of options out there for all 3 items. So make sure your designer can help guide you through those decisions. Tile and hardware are both items that you can certainly save on since there are a lot of materials out there that look more expensive and are still good quality, but do not cost as much.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Case?

My favorite thing about working at Case is that every project is unique and we have a wide range of clients with different design styles. Therefore, I never get bored and always feel like each project is a fresh start! I also love how Case is really involved with community outreach.

Is there anything a client can do to make your job easier?

I would say the website Houzz is extremely helpful for our role as designers to get an idea of what our clients like or dislike. You can create an “Ideabook” very easily with photos of spaces or products you gravitate towards to really help us get an idea of your personal design aesthetic.

What if I don’t know my design style?

If you don’t know your design style, once again, the website Houzz can be very helpful. You can browse easily on their website by design style which will give you an idea of what you gravitate towards and/or against.

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