Protect Your Home During Cold and Flu Season

Common practices to avoid cold and flu season typically include washing your hands frequently, sanitizing door knobs and switches, getting your flu shot, and staying home when you start to feel sick.  But what if you could take your preparations a few steps further?  Whether you’re planning your next major remodel or just doing a few minor updates, here are a few items you may want to consider investing in to help protect you and your family at home.

Wash your hands.  What better way to keep things germ-free than to use a touchless faucet!  There are many brands to choose from; some are motion activated while others can easily be turned on or off by the tap of your elbow or back of your hand.  Pair your touchless faucet with Kohler’s Touchless Toilet for a completely hands free experience.  They make an easy-to-install retrofit kit to convert your current toilet for around $50.

Select nonporous materials for your countertops such as Quartz which prevent the growth of surface mold and bacteria.  Crossville developed a tile coating that will last forever, called Hydrotect, which practically cleans itself using the power of light, water, and oxygen.  This means less cleaning for you and better air quality.


Choose smarter appliance options.  Dishwashers, such as Bosch, with half load cycles offer the option to wash your dishes more frequently to make sure you always have a clean glass ready to use.   If you work around kids or at a hospital, you probably want to come home and wash your clothes right away.  Look for washing machines with Steam Technology for a deep, sanitary clean.  LG offers a SideKick that sits under your front load washer and can wash small loads right away.

Maintain a healthy life style.  Consider adding a home gym to get plenty of exercise.  Don’t forget the importance of sleep at the end of a busy day.


Being sick is no fun but it can be bearable if you have the right tools.  Soaking in a hot bath or taking a soothing shower with steam can help relieve body aches and pains, clear your nasal passages, and help sweat away the cold.  Heated floors help keep you feeling warm when you have the chills.  American Standard makes a self-cleaning toilet with the press of a button if you do not feel like cleaning the toilet bowl.  In the kitchen, add an on demand hot water dispenser for quick and easy tea or soup.  I wish you a happy and healthy fall!


Contact me to help prepare your home for the winter months or to share your own tips on getting through cold and flu season.

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