Preparing for your In-Home Consultation with Case Design/Remodeling

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a home remodeling project for years and now you want to get some thoughts and advice on how a professional remodeler would approach a project like yours. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help make this first face-to-face meeting with a Case Project Developer effective, efficient, and beneficial.

When you contact Case to make an In-Home Consultation appointment; our Client Services Center will ask for a brief description of your proposed remodeling project. Also we ask that you mention anything else that you feel is important to you so we can assign the best Project Developer for your project and its scope of work.  This is one of the clear advantages of working with Case!  We have a large team with a great variety of knowledge and experience in the Remodeling Industry.  If you’ve been referred to Case by a friend or family member, you may want to ask for the same Project Developer that helped them with their remodeling project.

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You will receive an email confirmation for the consultation appointment.  Within a couple of days, expect a 10-20 minute phone call with the person you’ll be meeting with.  This is sort of an introduction ‘get-to-know-you’ conversation.  Please share your overall goals –both scope of work and budget – before we meet.  This short phone call allows us both to properly prepare for our meeting.  We may bring along drawings and pictures of projects similar to yours.

Prioritize your needs and wants list.  If you want a new kitchen and a new bathroom; which of the two is more important?  Is one of the two needed because things are broken or leaking?

Plan on the In-Home Consultation taking at least 90 minutes and up to two hours.  Make sure all of the family members involved are present to avoid having to repeat information or not asking the important questions.  If you have young children, try giving them something to do during the meeting time.

Share all of your thoughts, ideas and inspirations.  What you don’t like is just as important as what you do like!  Use pictures from magazines, websites, etc.

Tell us what is most important to you about remodeling your home.  Many times it’s about keeping the work area clean and safe; sometimes it’s about design or communication.  The more you share, the better we can do to make sure your expectations are met.

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We approach each and every project as a collaborative effort, encouraging and engaging you so that we can deliver a great home remodeling experience and give you the home of your dreams.

To schedule a conversation with one of our Project Developers, visit our website.

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