Open Up Your Living Room

Spring Fever is in the air.

Come out of winter hibernation and open your home back up to family and friends. What better place to start your spring cleaning than in one of the best entertaining rooms in your home: the living room. We have some great tips for how to transform your living room from a quiet, cozy winter lodge to an open, vibrant space, just in time for spring social season.

Here are four key things to keep in mind when reworking your living room layout to be more guest-friendly:

1. Maximize Space

Creating a multifunctional living room may seem challenging, but the right layout can make it a very useful area. Focus on an open concept space with limited wall interference. This will allow you and your guests to mingle in multiple areas, including the dining room and kitchen.

Contemporary Family Room by Downers Grove Design-Build Firms Oakley Home Builders

How you arrange your furniture will play a big role in how guests interact with the space. The best layout is an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped design. These two layouts create the ideal proportion and shape of open space, which ultimately inspires guests to chat and mingle comfortably.

Rustic Living Room by Marietta Interior Designers & Decorators Copper Leaf Interior Design Studio

2. Electronic Entertainment

An open, social area often means taking a minimalist approach to decorating. However, you can still find a way to incorporate electronics into your living room. Speakers can easily be tucked into walls or shelves. Consider hanging the TV above a fireplace or on a mantle. Mounting the television higher up makes it easier for everyone to see the screen, and not have to crane their necks over other guests to see it.

Traditional Family Room

3. Storage

An open floor plan with ample storage is sometimes hard to come by. Find entertainment centers that provide plenty of shelving and hidden cabinets. Or, get creative and use pieces that can double as seating. Your guests may not know they’re sitting on top of a drawer of board games and blankets.

Traditional Family Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Cory Connor Designs
Traditional Family Room by Nanuet Furniture & Accessories S.A.N Design Group, Inc.

4. Personal Touches

While you rearrange the rest of the room, don’t forget about the walls. Add a splash of color or hang large pictures of your favorite vacations to make the room feel like your own. In an open living room, you don’t have to have a single focal point. Display eye-catching pieces of art, plants, and memorabilia to encourage guests to inspect various corners of the room.

Eclectic Living Room by Elkridge Interior Designers & Decorators AFP Interiors LLC

After months of staying bundled up at home, aren’t you ready to open up your living room and enjoy your friends’ company this spring?

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