Material Selections: Navigating the Sea of Choices

Making kitchen and bath material selections for a remodeling project can seem like a marathon of decisions.  But with some forethought and planning, it can be productive and even enjoyable.   A typical bathroom remodel could require twenty or thirty decisions on materials, fixtures, and lighting.  This doesn’t seem like much, until you begin to understand the sheer number of options available today.  Then it can be downright daunting.  Working with a professional designer that specializes in remodeling is the most effective way to find your materials, but maybe you’re going it alone.  Either way, these tips will help you navigate the sea of choices:

  • First of all, try to relax and enjoy the process of finding the materials that define your space. You will make better decisions if you are calm and open minded.
  • Start by focusing on one or two of the key materials (such as cabinet style and countertop), then use those selections to guide you through the rest.
  • Break up the selections into manageable chunks. Try selecting just one or two items per meeting or outing if you are easily overwhelmed with decisions.
  • Set up a schedule with your selection goals, just as you would expect the construction portion of your project to maintain a schedule.
  • is an incredible resource for pictures and material information. Looking for a specific material in a specific location?  Try a specific picture search on Houzz, and you will be surprised by how many results come up.  Creating a Houzz ‘Ideabook’ is an excellent way to communicate your thoughts and dreams to a professional designer.  While you are searching pictures on Houzz, check out the Case Design Houzz site.
  • Make appointments when visiting showrooms. Get the service you deserve, and work with a professional whenever possible.
  • Understand that it might not be possible to see and touch every item or material you select. Showrooms have limited space and simply cannot showcase everything that is available.  For some products you have to make a leap of faith and order based on online/catalogue pictures and specifications.
  • Check to see if there are online reviews for the items you have selected. Even the best products will have some negative reviews, but keep an eye out for products with consistent issues.


Material selections are driving factors in design, aesthetics, construction, and of course, budget.  Make sure that you spend the necessary time researching and planning the materials you intend to select.  If you are easily overwhelmed with decisions, or nervous about making them on your own, consider contacting a design/build company like Case Design.  Interior designers and architectural designers are part of a professional team at Case Design, and we are here to help guide you to your dream remodel project.

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