How to Maximize Your Tiny Kitchen

Having a large, gourmet kitchen is a dream for many. But for residents of condos or tiny townhomes, big is just not an option. What can you do to maximize your space when you don’t have much to begin with? The answer is a lot!

Builder grade and older cabinets offer inefficient storage that often results in a disorganized mess. How can you keep items of different sizes and shapes organized in a basic box? You can’t, unless you break that box down into a series of smaller boxes designed to store items of similar shapes and sizes.

Rather than a standard base cabinet with top drawers and one large open space underneath, maybe with a half shelf, a stack of drawers offers efficient, organized storage for multiple items.   

Built-in cutlery dividers and a peg system allows for easy, convenient storage for all your plates and silverware.

Still need more base cabinet storage? Toe kick drawers are great for storing baking pans or even to house a pull-out feeding station for your pet.

Let hard to reach items in high cabinets come down to you with pull-down storage.

Not enough space for a large pantry? A pull-out pantry allows you to see and reach everything easily.

A smaller version of the same type of cabinet keeps spices, neat, organized and easily accessible.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of organization and storage options for your kitchen cabinets. To maximize every inch of space, semi-custom or better yet, full-custom cabinetry is the way to go. The cost difference between stock and custom can be 25 to 30%, but if you only have room for 8 to 12 cabinets in your kitchen, maximizing storage and organization to make your life easier is money well spent.

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