Home Spas: The Ultimate Relaxation

Do you work long hours and feel desperate to unwind once you leave?

Instead of visiting a pricey spa, why not give yourself the ability to relax in the comfort and solitude of your own living space. You definitely deserve it! Once you get your home spa installed, your biggest problem will be kicking the rest of your family out, so that you can finally get some peace and quiet.


Water is the foundation of a spa. This element promotes rejuvenation and relaxation. The calming effects of water allow you to relax in an environment that feels both comfortable and safe. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can create a homemade spa in your bathroom with water as the focal point.

Traditional Bathroom by Ojai Architects & Designers Maraya Interior Design

Spa Tubs

Spa tubs are a great way to add some extra style to your bathroom while still keeping a functional space for daily use. Spa tubs are perfect for soaking and provide a sleek, modern look when designed with a metal finish.

Asian Bathroom by Nashville Interior Designers & Decorators Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Natural Views

Providing a natural view to enjoy while relaxing in your tub can be a great way to promote a spa-like atmosphere. This gives you the ability to appreciate the natural beauty of your environment.

Modern Bathroom

Outdoor Spas

Backyard spas are a great home addition, especially if you crave time outdoors. If you enjoy entertaining, an outdoor spa would be a great place to gather friends, pour a glass of wine, and relax and listen to everyone’s life updates. If you live in a warmer climate, you can enjoy an outdoor spa area all year long! If you’re living somewhere colder, consider encasing the spa in glass to keep the area toasty.

Mediterranean Landscape by San Clemente Pools & Spas California Pools


People often associate relaxation with achieving zen. An Asian-themed spa room can help you feel as if you are taking a step away from your American life, and transport you to a whole different world. The bamboo floors, dimmed lights, and oriental theme give the feel of a high-end spa somewhere far away from your own home.

Contemporary Bathroom by Newport Beach Photographers Martin King Photography

Any of these options give you a place to truly unwind and find a peaceful moment in your day. Have we convinced you to build your own home spa yet?

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