Experiencing the Case Process Firsthand

Bruce Case is the president of Case Design/Remodeling. As a remodeling veteran, he has witnessed every phase of the process and lends his experience to being part of a family that valued the quality of work and quality in client service. Today, he leads a fully integrated team of project developers, designers, and craftsmen that exude the passion he shares for the Case brand.

He has decided to share what it is like to remodel a home from personal experience.

I’m in this business because I have always had an affinity towards old homes, and I am addicted to remodeling. In the past, I performed many of the projects around my house, and it was an eye-opening experience to be in our clients’ shoes. So now, after completing a renovation to my home, I have learned a few things.

  1. Make decisions up front

Design and then build rather than design on the “fly.” The purpose of our iterative process and team is to help streamline the critical components of a remodel. I did not follow each step in our process and it meant more decisions and reactionary moments during production. This could become a gamble when timelines and budget are a concern. My final product is amazing, but the experience would have been much better if I had followed each step in our process.



  1. The journey is just as important as the destination

Many in our industry prioritize getting the work done right and make the process of the job a secondary item. As a client, “how” the work gets done is as important as the quality of the end product. When schedules are adjusted and not adhered to, clients grow weary and eventually upset.  Curt or frank responses, rather than thoughtful e-mail messages are enough to drive anyone insane. This is one area in client services that often separates the good from the great. Everyone knows this, but it is often overlooked in the midst of a multi-dimensional project.



  1. The “magic” created by our team is incomparable

I have a new level of respect for our team that will fuel me for years to come. What we do is amazing – using the “Case Process”, taking our clients’ dreams and wishes and turning them into reality. Every time I step into the new space, I’ll be reminded of the carpenter that helped them along the way. Even my daughter has made a new friend with our craftsman. Every time a visitor compliments the space, my wife will think of the designer. It was special to experience the magic we bring to our clients firsthand.



Remodeling is an emotional experience. My own family – and our clients invest hard earned dollars in exchange for living through a construction zone for a period of time. They also endure the noise, strangers, and dust that come along for the process. We have invested heavily in providing the best experience we possibly can so that our clients, who love their homes, can experience it for years to come.

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