Case Team Gratefully Builds Home for Injured Marine

Down a long gravel driveway in Frederick, MD, smiles were mixed with tears.

Against a backdrop of trees and a cloudless sky, the white tent and chairs almost mask the new home.

I believe one of the main reasons America is the greatest country in the land is because we take care of our own. Government has a role, but at the end of the day it is about one human being doing the right thing for another. Pay it forward. Do unto those as you would have done to you. That is why we jumped at the chance to build a home for Marine Sgt. Adam Kisielewksi and his family.

Sgt. Kisielewski lost his left arm and his right leg when an IED detonated as a trigger-wired door was opened while looking for insurgents near Fallujah, Iraq in August 2005. Since then he has spent many months in recovery and trying to adapt to life in a multi-level home. It became obvious that a specially adapted home was required with the birth of his son.

We built this home through the volunteer efforts of our team of employees, trade specialists, manufacturers and suppliers – with help from Homes for our Troops – and turned it over to Sgt. Kisielewski and his family earlier this month. I was among the smiling at some moments and among the tearful at others.

We entered into this project to give back. What we got in return was so much more. It brought our team together after the economic uncertainty of the last couple of years. It reminded us all what is truly important in life. It showed us the power of team and of the human spirit. And Adam showed us the courage of those that protect our country.

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