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From a consumers perspective, remodeling can be hard. Amazon doesn’t sell bathrooms, there is no store to stroll through, and trying to get an idea of what is possible and how much it will cost can be a challenge. Often the only way to gather this information is to schedule someone to visit your home. That takes time and commitment. What if you are not ready to take that step? What if you would like to do a little homework before deciding what to do? Enter

Case baths is our tool that allows you to explore bathroom options in the comfort of your own home with no strings attached. There is no personal information required to use the site. Case baths lets you see what your space could look like and it gives you the cost implications of choosing different materials. It is a great way to get started. Lets take a quick tour:

When you land on the site, click the Get Started button. This will bring you to the layout page. Pick the layout that is closest to your space.

Next you will move to a page where you pick an overall style- Traditional, Transitional or Modern. This is just a general starting point, you can customize almost everything on the next page. Select your style and you will be able to design your space.

You can start by selecting different materials but I like to start with the existing space tab. If you answer a few simple questions about your space and input your zip code you will be able to see the real time implications of different selections. Click on calculate price (under zip code) to see a budget for this bathroom.

Now click on the Design tab and get started! Because you completed the Existing Space questions, you will be able to see which products cost more or less. Hover over the product then click +add. You can change the paint color, tile, vanity cabinet, faucets, toilet, and more. As you design your space the Total price will update to reflect your decisions. The image will also update to show your revised selections. Cool!

That’s Case baths- our online tool to make remodeling your bathroom a little bit easier.

If you are interested in talking more specifically about a project, click on next steps, fill in some contact information and we will have someone get in touch. If not, keep playing.

Have fun!

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