3 Easy Ways to Create a Fun, Kid-Friendly Backyard

School is out for summer and your kids are probably antsy to get out and play in the sun.

Don’t worry – vacations and camp aren’t the only places that your kids have fun. It’s easy to set up activities and structures that encourage kids to be creative and active in your own backyard. Be the envy of your block with these awesome kid-friendly backyard ideas.

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Swing sets no longer have to be eye sores in your backyard. By using natural colored wood and a simple design, the set can blend perfectly with nature. Additions like a short zip line or pole to slide down will encourage your kids to be imaginative and will help to beat boredom.

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What if you live in the city? Just because your backyard doesn’t consist of sprawling green hills doesn’t mean your family can’t have backyard play time. By using modern, industrial materials, a swing set can be an easy addition to a more urban space. Planting a small patch of grass can also help create a more natural look while also making it safer for kids to play on.

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Sidewalk chalk is a summer favorite of many children, but it isn’t always the safest option when you live near busy roads. Consider installing chalkboard panels along your fence for drawings and games. With these scattered throughout your yard, arts and crafts no longer have to be an indoor activity.

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Playing house is a go-to game for kids, so why not provide them with all the tools they need? Building a small playhouse in your backyard can help encourage a typically indoor playroom game to happen outside in the sunshine. Design the home to be colorful and whimsical or make it to reflect your own home. By choosing a more understated look, once your children are grown, the playhouse can then be repurposed into a shed.

By implementing these kid-friendly options, your family is sure to enjoy your backyard for many years to come.

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