Your Best Ever Super Bowl Sunday

As we are about to enter Super Bowl weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of our entertainment room ideas for the football obsessed.

So, if form follows function, what do we need? A large TV, plenty of seating with good views and a few drinks and snacks come to mind. Here are two ideas for spaces that achieve just that.

The Traditional Entertainment Room

Contemporary Media Room by San Francisco Architects & Designers TRG Architects
Traditional Media Room by Lakeville Design-Build Firms College City Design Build

Here is an option for those of you that may have to use this space for something other than watching football at some point. Large couches and a space for a TV are obvious characteristics, but keep in mind how the media room has changed, even in the last five years. We used to build in plenty of space for DVDs, Blu Rays, games and all the accessories that come with them. As technology moves to cloud storage and small hard drives full of media, be sure not to waste space on storage. Favor a minimalist approach so you can maximize livable area!

Remember that an important part of the big game is the food! Eating on a coffee table is awkward and sitting back on the couch can be just plain messy. Consider trying a bar style high top with a view of the TV for snacking. It’s a perfect place to put a buffet of snacks or to let guests eat without having to worry about trashing your couch area.

The Football Paradise

Contemporary Media Room by Northville Kitchen & Bath Designers Iron Mountain Remodeling
Contemporary Media Room by Victoria Photographers Joshua Lawrence Studios INC
Transitional Media Room by Perth Home Builders Zorzi

Start your reading here if your media room redesign has one goal and one goal only: bringing the sports bar home. Here you can be really creative. What do you like most about your local sports bar? With a big enough space you can have a bar with a view built right in. Do you like a little competition on the side? Consider installing a pool table behind the couches so you can play while you watch.

The options here are limitless, but focus on making sure everyone can have a good view while they partake in whatever part of the festivities they favor. The screen with the game should be the focus of the room, and each add-on (whether it is architectural or portable) should enhance the experience.

Those are our ideas for designing a room for a great Super Bowl party. This is a tremendously fun design aesthetic to play with. Work in your favorite toys and activities, make it comfortable and make it over the top; it is the Super Bowl after all.

So, what would you incorporate to wow your friends this weekend?

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