Wine In My Kitchen? Yes, Please!

When I think of a kitchen, I think of the heart and soul of a home.  We design the space around your taste, passions and intentions of having a place to share with your loved ones. This is where friends and family gather, dinner parties happen and meals are prepared with love while enjoying a glass of wine.  Whether cooking with wine or pairing wine with a creative new dish- it’s always good to have some within reach!  Displaying your wine is also an opportunity to add a little touch of your personality to your kitchen.  You could say cooking and wine are two of my passions, and many of my clients passions, so why not incorporate this into the kitchen design?


It’s very common for most home owners to have some sort of beverage center in their kitchen, but there is much more to consider.   Wine coolers (single or dual zone), wine cubbies and wine dispensers are good options for the occasional wine sipper or the wine enthusiast. With all of these choices, how do you know which type of wine storage is right for you? It’s important to know the basics so that you can make the most of your decision.  Whether you’re a wine collector or just like having a couple of bottles on hand and displayed, make sure you have storage that allows for appropriate bottle position, temperature, movement (vibration) & light control.

The easiest and most decorative way to store wine is in wood cubbies.  Most wine storage allows the bottle to rest on its side which keeps the cork from drying out.  Wine cubbies, wine crosses and wine refrigerators all follow this simple rule.


Wine should be stored in a cool place, but the temperature varies depending upon the wine.  You can store wine in a beverage center or wine cooler.  This is where it gets a little more involved and depends how devoted you are to wine.  A standard beverage center typically has an area for sodas, water, beer and a lower wine rack.  This is a convenient and economical option for average sized kitchens because it gives you flexibility to store a variety of beverages.  You can set the temperature, but the range is from 34-42 degrees.  If you prefer devoted wine storage, then consider a single or dual zone wine cooler.  The single zone wine cooler will give you a range of 40-65 degrees, allowing you to store reds or whites. The dual zone has a 55-62 degree zone and a 45-55 degree zone.  Some under counter refrigerators offer vibration control that will minimize movement to protect your wine.  Almost all beverage/wine centers have tinted glass doors to protect your wine from ultra violet light.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the wine dispenser.  This is where it gets serious. If everyone had the room (and budget) they would install this in their home.  You can have several bottles uncorked, temperature controlled, protected and ready to pour at the touch of a button.  The settings even allow for portion control.  You can adjust it to serve tastings, half glasses or full glasses. Most wine dispensers use an argon gas preservation system.


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