What to Expect at a Seminar

Thinking about a remodeling project but don’t know where to start? You are not alone. We visit with people every day that are trying to gather the information required to make smart decisions about their home. As a result, we have developed consumer seminars to help you get educated. We host them almost every month of the year in our DC, MD and VA Design Studios. Want to know more about what to expect if you attend? We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help:

Do I need to register?

– Yes. Some dates are very popular, and we only have space for so many people. Please reserve your spot. If you register to attend by the Wednesday before the session, you will receive an email with directions to the office and more details. You can register to attend a seminar here.

What time should I arrive?

– We would suggest you arrive at the Design Studio by 10:15. This gives you a chance to sign in, get a cup of coffee, browse the Design Studio for a few minutes, and find a seat.

How many other people will be there?

– The number varies month to month but typically the audience in Bethesda and Falls Church is 20- 35 people. The group in DC tends to be smaller- somewhere in the 5 – 15 person range.

What time does the seminar start?

– The presentation begins at 10:30. We ask that you are on time to minimize disruptions. The seminar often begins with a question. “Is there anything you would like to make sure we cover today?”

Who delivers the presentation?

– Members of our Project Development Team host the seminar. We often have 2 hosts per location. You can learn more about our Project Developers here.

How is the information presented? 

– The presentation is a series of slides projected on a large screen. We will have paper and pens available if you would like to take notes.

What information is covered in the seminar?

– During the seminar we cover current design trends, budgeting information and timelines for both Kitchen and Bathroom projects. We also spend some time describing the process we follow when working with a client.

– We focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms because they’re fairly predictable spaces. However, as a business, Case is a full-service remodeler that also does additions, basements, condos, interiors and exteriors.

Can I ask questions?

– Of course. We typically devote some time at the conclusion of the seminar to address questions from the audience.

How long is the presentation?

– The presentation is 45-60 minutes in length. There is time for individual questions afterwards during lunch.

Can I schedule an in-home consultation at the seminar?

– If you are interested in a more detailed consultation about a project, you can schedule a no cost appointment in your home. In many cases, both of your seminar hosts will be the Project Developers that visit. A typical visit is between 1-2 hours.


After the seminar has ended, we will have a light lunch available if you would like to browse the Studio, look at specific products, or speak directly with one of the presenters. There is no obligation on your part- if you need to leave to get on with your day, we totally understand. Weekends can be busy times!

If you are beginning to think about a project that involves a kitchen or a bathroom, attending a seminar is a great place to start. We’ll review relevant information and there will be experts available to answer any of your specific questions. We think you will leave feeling like it was time well spent.


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