The Top Trends of 2018

The holidays are over and it is time to tackle all the problem areas in your home.

What are the top trends of 2018?

  1. Color, color, color!

Pops of color are hot! Don’t be shy to incorporate your favorite colors into your new design.

2. Green cabinetry!

Yes, the blues are still in, but the shades of green are making their way to the top of the “2018 Big Styles Chart.”

If green is your color, but you are hesitant to make a somewhat permanent commitment to the painted green cabinetry, you can always turn to painting your walls in your favorite shade of green. Your family and friends will be green with envy!

3. Copper!

What metal would I pair up with my greens, you might ask. And the answer is copper! Copper metallics started to become popular in 2017, and are still going strong in 2018. Copper brings a warm glow to any décor, and it is a timeless classic.

Don’t feel like investing into copper sink, hood or range? Try copper hardware, copper light fixture or copper kitchen décor.


4. Concrete!

Another “earthy chic” material of 2018 is concrete! This affordable, but high-impact design element is another timeless classic that is coming back in full force!

Love the look of concrete, but can’t commit to the labor-intensive remodel? Try to incorporate it through your décor!


5. Walnut!

This luxury, yet warm and versatile finish will bring vintage sophistication to any décor.



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