The Case Declaration of Quality

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

Having been with Case of over 19 years, I often hear the phrase, “Wow that’s a long time.”  As I reflect on the amount of time I have spent in the remodeling industry, this statement doesn’t surprise me. Case is a great well-respected company that conducts their business in a way that aligns with my beliefs. The framework of coaching, ethics, business knowledge, depth of experience, team approach/support and compassion for the homeowner has allowed me to be successful in the difficult business of designing and renovating homes.

We talk about the process a lot at Case and when it comes down to it; the “Case Process” is designed to help our clients make informed decisions about their home renovation dreams.  Sure we tend to everyday paperwork, playbook, and calendars that all businesses have; however, when it comes to a specific job, our project process has three basic steps that allow Case to produce reliable results in the quality, budgeting, timing and client experience on each project.

Our three basic steps are not unlike what you may hear from others:

1. Preliminary Design- Phase I:

We develop preliminary concepts about what the project could be, with associated materials and budgeting.  We develop several ideas, document budgets from developed plans and create an outline that defines (sets benchmarks) materials and scope of work.

2. Contract Documents – Phase II:

Development of the plans – after showing and discussing several layout options, we start to develop a direction for the project.  We educate clients on materials, give our professional advice and listen to what the client wants to accomplish. Once all the details are figured out and selections are made, we then have a plan and fixed-price contract in place.

3. Permitting and Building:

Once the contract is signed, we obtain the required permit(s) and start the construction. The goal is simply to execute the plan we have in place.

Professionalism and integrity create the framework of our beliefs, and that resonates within me. I recently completed an industry survey presented to several architectural and design/build firms.  The final question on the survey was “Are there any other issues that we haven’t talked about?”  The question made me think about my chosen profession, the remodeling industry in general, and the beliefs I affirm should be truths that are self-evident. Unfortunately, the often less than positive reputation of the home repair/remodeling industry requires exemplary companies to highlight these truths/beliefs in order to stand out above the rest.

  • I/We believe a company should stand behind its planning process. Case has a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee for Phase I – Preliminary Design work. If the quality of work, design or target budgets are not what a client anticipated, Case will refund the Phase I fee.
  • I/We believe a company should stand behind its construction quality. Case has a 5-year labor and material warranty. This indicates that we build quality into each and every job we touch using the right methods and materials.
  • I/We believe you should feel comfortable with the people that come into your home, around your loved ones. Case performs background checks and drug testing on all employees.  I can’t think of a single Case employee who would make me feel less than comfortable working on my home or around my family.
  • I/We believe that the client should understand how the size and configuration of an addition or renovation can affect the look, feel and budget of a project. Case develops three or more well-thought ideas for almost all projects. There are no right and wrongs to design, simply pro’s and con’s.  And without exploring ideas, clients may not have enough information to understand what works best for them or how they will use/live in their newly remodeled homes.
  • I/We believe that understanding budgets at an early stage is critical for homeowners to make informed decisions about investing in their homes. Case has several mechanisms in place to allow for realistic budgeting. They include a preliminary estimating tool that takes data from similar fully estimated and completed projects. We can then use this information to predict budgets at the initial or follow-up meeting. We have leave-behind materials that educate homeowners as to why project budgets can range widely and how scope of work and specifications are largely driven by the client’s expectations and desires.  Finally our three-step process is designed to allow homeowners to receive professional advice about their project and allows Case to refine the budget based off a predetermined plan all at a nominal cost – in addition to a money back guarantee through the first step of the process.
  • I/We believe that providing advice and options to clients is critical for allowing a homeowner to make informed decisions about the design, materials and direction of their project.  Case uses a team approach with in-house architectural, interiors and production specialists.  This team approach is transferred to all our trade alliances as well. We have developed detailed specification requirements that spell out what installation/materials are required as a minimum standard.
  • I/We believe that the building stage of a remodeling project should be a simple execution of the plan that is in place. Case does not rush the planning phase of the project; we prefer that all selections are made prior to entering into a contract. We believe that having and coordinating all the details, trades and selections prior to starting the construction is the key to a successful project.
  • I/We believe that we are guests in our clients’ homes and should act accordingly.  Although we are actually tearing apart portions of the house, we need to maintain the focus that it is still our client’s home. Case employs several levels of protection for the home starting with the quality of the people, ongoing/refresher training, dust and weather protection (exterior and interior), floor/wall protection, dust scrubbers/air cleaners, security walls, thermal walls.  We also have temporary kitchens that can be used when an existing kitchen will be out of commission during the project.  Most of our clients (over 95%) live in the home during construction and we try to make them as comfortable as possible, understanding they are living in a construction area.

As you can see the items above have little to do with the “sticks and bricks” (materials/design) of a specific project, but rather more to do with the overall services that are provided.  So in a case where these services are not provided, these items can quickly become major issues during construction. Once you have entered the construction phase with a company that provided a declaration of quality, it may be too late. Schedule a consultation today to see how Case Design aligns with your values.

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