Spotlight on: Melissa Cooley

At Case we really pride ourselves on being leaders in the remodeling industry, but it takes amazing people to make that happen. We thought you might be interested in getting to know them a little bit better. This week we’re highlighting Designer Melissa Cooley.

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Spotlight on: Melissa Cooley

How long have you been at Case? Have you held any other positions in the company?

I’ve been apart of the Case team for almost 8 years. I have only held the position of Designer – Interiors Specialist.

What’s your design style?

I have to admit that I am definitely drawn to a mid-century modern style. There is something about a palette that contains color, warm walnut tones, comfy fabric and eclectic patterns that makes me want to throw off my shoes and indulge in the space.

If you were remodeling your home, what project would you do?

I would create a meditation room! As a new mom, the need to get-away and relax has become an essential part of my mental tranquility. In this space I will add beautiful textured curtains, cushions and rugs that complimented a gorgeous wall paper. This will be my modern day “She Shed” but indoors.

Where do you think it’s smartest to splurge and save?

The one thing you see and use the most should be the item that is worth splurging on. If something has a great deal of wear/tear, it most likely will be the item that disintegrates the quickest. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality items that will be used greatly! In a bigger picture, because the kitchen is used daily/often, I think it is the one space in the home that is worth splurging on.

Anything that is easily interchangeable, such as plumbing fixtures or sconces may not be worth investing as much money.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Case?

I work with a collection of awesome designers! We all come from different parts of the world with different interpretations and approaches to design. Collectively, we have a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for the field of interior design.

Is there anything a client can do to make your job easier?

Although it is essentially my responsibility to make a clients’ design process easy, working with a client who values everyone’s time is key to making a job run easier.

What if I don’t know my design style?

That’s perfectly OK! A client is not expected to know their design style. With the right tools, I will help curate design palettes that will help you discover your sense of style.

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Melissa’s Recent Projects

A Place for Everything

white and blue kitchen with stainless steel appliances, two bell pendant lights, kitchen island with farmhouse sink and floating white cabinets with black knobs

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kitchen island with stove top and grey base, grey and white cabinets with black pull handles two open shelves

Detailed Design

Showstopping Design

dc remodeling with white cabinets with black knobs and hanging shelves

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