Should You Pay for That Remodeling Award?

Many home remodeling companies will tout their industry awards as a means of being labeled an industry leading company.

Their ads and website will be saturated with the phrase “award-winning” wherever appropriate in order to alert potential customers of their industry leading status. Customers may discover offices that are stacked with prominently displayed plaques, certificates, and other awards that they have received for their services or exemplary jobs completed. Customers may wonder if these awards really make a difference in service and whether they should be paying more for companies that have received them.

In a competitive industry crowded with contractors and remodeling companies, a remodeling award can often be used to identify superior contractors and businesses that excel in customer service, business ethics, design, quality, and more. This superior service often warrants higher initial charges on remodeling projects; however, customers can rest assured that their remodeling job will be done right the first time and by the highest standards in the business.

Awards and certificates can come from various sources. Some are industry related and are awarded through publications or trade organizations while others are affiliated with a local business chapter in the contractor’s community or state. Most of these awards have a nomination process, which requires someone outside of the business to nominate the home remodeling company for consideration. This prerequisite is a good indicator of quality customer service and overall satisfaction as, more than likely, a satisfied customer is the person who nominated the remodeling company.

A homeowner looking for a remodeling contractor with an excellent track record can use awards as a means of pairing down the remodeling companies they will solicit for a bid on a project. Other homeowners may want to consider the volume of awards won in addition to referrals and testimonials from friends and acquaintances to decide on a home remodeling company to solicit for business.

The real deciding factor of whether or not an award makes a difference in the consumers mind is essentially up to the consumer. Some customers will view an award-winning track record as a reason to do business with a home remodeling company, and other customers will disregard them all together. A mix of industry and business awards and quality referrals is a safe bet when selecting a home remodeling company.

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