Remodeling Essentials: Learning the Steps of a Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Here at Case, we want to guarantee the success of every client’s project. Whether it is a basement, mudroom, kitchen, bath, or addition, each phase should go through without a hitch. That is why we have created another avenue to carefully explain what to expect when you begin a remodel with Case. “Remodeling Essentials: A Designer’s Guide to Your Dream Kitchen or Bath” helps you learn the steps of a kitchen and bath remodel from the experts.

Why is this important?

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There are many unknowns when considering a remodeling project which can lead to misinformation. Many people avoid home renovations, even when there is a dire need. They put off the process of finding a contractor because it can be a grueling experience. With many contractors these days, budgets are “softened” over or underestimated, which can lead to a huge headache once a quote for the project is received. Going into a major upgrade without complete and accurate information is a recipe for disaster, but we can help.

What we provide

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During our Remodeling Essentials Seminar Series, our project developers and designers walk you through the entire process of a remodel, followed by a Q&A session at the end. They draw from their expert knowledge and industry best practices to provide the information most pertinent to each individual. They also share visual examples of previous work, while offering solutions to tough design scenarios. The seminars cover design concepts, material selections, budgets, project timelines, contract specifications, permits, and the full array of services offered through Case.

How you can attend

Our seminars, presently hosted on a quarterly basis, are posted on our website in advance, with a portal for registration. Seminars are typically held in Washington DC, Bethesda, or Alexandria. Visit our seminars and events page to reserve your seat for our next session. After our team has answered your most pressing questions, we will treat you to a light lunch and give you the option to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.


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