Pump Up Your Personal Gym

Never have an excuse to skip the gym – creating a fitness center in your house makes working out extremely convenient and far more affordable than keeping that gym membership.

Being able to work out in the comfort of your own home is particularly useful if you have small children to watch, you work long hours, or you live in a climate that is not always 75 degrees and sunny.

The great thing about home gyms is that you can customize the space to fit your fitness preferences. Whether you’re a talented yogi, a workout video enthusiast, or a cardio champion, you can decide exactly how to tailor the room to your needs. And after all, given that getting sufficient exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle, having a home gym should benefit every homeowner.

As you consider your own fitness center, here are the Top 5 Home Gym Design Elements to keep in mind:

Mediterranean Home Gym by Littleton Home Builders Celebrity Communities

1. Room Functionality

The gym is one room where there is no need to buy more than what you truly need and anticipate using. If you prefer to log miles on the cardio machines rather than perfecting your warrior poses, pick the equipment accordingly. You could focus your design efforts on a weight room, cardio machines, or a pilates and yoga space. While a yoga studio calls for a calming haven and delicate decorations, a weight room begs for a sturdier setup with thumping music.

Traditional Home Gym by Easton Interior Designers & Decorators Sara Hopkins
Eclectic Home Gym by Winnipeg Interior Designers & Decorators Fenwick & Company Interior Design

2. Extra Equipment

In addition to big machines and benches, your gym would not be complete without smaller items to supplement your workout. For instance, a weight set, balls, rubber bands, or mats may be part of your exercise regimen. Delegate attractive cabinets and shelves to holding these extras rather than lumping them together on the floor. Keep a stack of fresh, fluffy towels nearby in a basket. You could even add a mini-bar to your home gym if you want a stash of sports drinks to rehydrate with after a sweaty session.

Eclectic Home Gym by Mooresville Building Supplies Lowe’s Home Improvement
Modern Home Gym

3. Mirrors

Installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors is an excellent design detail for home fitness centers. For one, mirrors create the illusion of having more space and also reflect light to make the room brighter. Mirrors are also useful for watching your form when lifting weights or doing poses. Plus, they are an attractive and modern-looking accent.

Contemporary Home Gym by Washington Architects & Designers Studio Santalla, Inc
Spaces by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

4. Audio/Video Entertainment

Workouts are certainly more enjoyable when paired with media. Having a TV in your gym lets you watch your favorite shows and movies while trotting on the treadmill, and allows you to pop in workout videos or fitness-based video games. Music has been scientifically proven to improve athletic performance due to its pulsing beat, so incorporating an audio system would also be an excellent choice. Seamlessly incorporating the media features makes for a sophisticated and hi-tech fitness center.

Modern Home Gym by Elkridge Design-Build Firms Rule4 Building Group

5. Inspiration

Maybe you exercise to stay in shape, or to train for a half marathon, or perhaps to calm your mind. Regardless, it never hurts to be inspired to achieve your fitness goals. One of the ways to do so is to incorporate motivational images and words into the decor. Painting the walls with your favorite mantra might push you to do that extra rep. Or, setting the mood with soft lighting and large windows may make the room exude peace and focus. Although some may overlook decorating their home fitness center, incorporating inspiration is a fantastic idea.

Modern Home Gym by Cabin John Design-Build Firms Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.
Contemporary Home Gym by Edmonton Home Builders Kanvi Homes

In hopes that these Top 5 Home Gym Design Elements inspired you to build one of your own, go get ‘em!

Contemporary Home Gym by Park City Architects & Designers Jaffa Group Design Build

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