My 3 Favorite Things About My Kitchen


With all this extra time at home, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen!  While I was cooking this weekend, I took a few photos of my three favorite “small but big impact” features in my kitchen.

  • When I remodeled, I had the wooden sill of the window over my sink replaced with a piece of quartz like the countertops.  Makes a nice waterproof, totally scrub-able storage ledge. Great for the just-washed blade of your blender to dry somewhere safe.  Great for plants – I often just use my faucet sprayer and pause button to water, and I don’t worry too much about overspray.  I keep handwashing tools – a scrub brush and a steel for removing onion smells – in the little orange bowl. The dishwashing brush often lives up there – no worries if it isn’t completely dry.  Really, it just increases the amount of countertop in your kitchen, which is always valuable.

  • Everyone has an opinion about how to store knives, and I am a true believer in the wall mounted magnetic knife holder.  I am not willing to give up premium real estate for a knife block on the counter, or in a drawer, no matter how elegant.  I love storing my one good knife in plain view, so I can always find it.  I put it back immediately after washing, letting it air dry on the rack, keeping it safe.  I store the microplaner on the rack as well, saving the pain of ‘discovering’ it by accident in the utensil drawer.

  • I love having a kitchen garden literally 20 steps from my kitchen.  I usually have herbs, flowers and a few veggies growing there.  We had a mild winter, so the parsley and sage from last summer are still thriving.  The rosemary is putting up a good fight, but the thyme is winning the battle.  The rest of the bed right now is spring lettuces and arugula. When it gets a bit warmer, I’ll add basil, mint and lemon verbena. Yes, I have a big community garden plot 5 minutes from my house, but having this bed so close to my kitchen so useful.

What are your favorite features in your kitchen? Take a photo and share with us on social media!


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