Multi-Generational Dwellings – Skylights

Indoor lighting is so important, but probably one of the most neglected areas in the design of space. Visibility, task performance, visual comfort, safety, mood and atmosphere are all affected by proper lighting. The light an individual needs at 60 years of age is 3 times the amount we need at 20 years of age. Considering we spend, on average, 50% of our time indoors, looking for ways to increase natural light is important.

From a health perspective, our bodies need Vitamin D to keep us healthy. Some people, especially in the Northern half of the country where there is less light in the winter months, experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from the lack of natural light.


Ceiling lights, wall mounted lights, undercabinet lights and floor lamps are typically used for lighting interiors. Windows also provide natural light. What is sometimes overlooked is using skylights or sun tunnels to provide additional natural light.

7 Benefits of using a Skylight or Sun Tunnel to Increase Indoor Natural Light/Ventilation

  1. Skylights provide twice the amount of light than a window.
  1. Skylights use a smaller square footage of glass.
  1. They provide a better quality & balance of light with less glare.
  1. They provide light without energy use so they are energy efficient.
  1. You can put a skylight/sun tunnel in a room that needs light without worrying about privacy issues of a traditional window, such as in a bathroom or a closet.
  1. Specific skylights can be opened for ventilation. Considering that houses have become more air tight over the years, being able to let fresh air in and moisture and contaminants out is healthy for our bodies.
  1. Skylights can have solar powered shades on them to regulate the amount of light.


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