Multi-Generational Dwellings – Hand Held Shower Faucets

A series about smart remodeling that blends function, safety and aesthetics for all ages.

7 Benefits of Hand-Held Shower Faucets

Considering renovating your bathroom? One of the things to look at that would make a BIG difference in a bathroom shared by different generations is the shower faucet. Consider a hand-held shower faucet that is on a slide bar.

Here are 7 benefits of a hand-held shower faucet:

  • The shower head can be adjustable for people of different heights.
  • Easy to use to clean the shower since you can aim at specific areas.
  • Easy to use to shower/bath children.
  • Easy to use to shower/bath pets.
  • Water flow close to your head when rinsing out shampoo.
  • Better control for elderly or disabled members of your home.
  • Spa like feature usually has a massage option that can be aimed at a specific area of the body.



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