Mixing Up Metals in the Kitchen

Cabinet hardware used to be one of the last decisions made in the kitchen. Now that there are so many options that it’s moved up on the priority list.

Think about how many metal finishes you could add to a space; lighting, hardware, sinks, faucets, and appliances. Why keep them all the same? Some shy away from mixing metal finishes, but I say let’s mix it up!

Gold and brass finishes have made quite the come-back. They make a statement and can be mixed with stainless steel appliances.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. 

This is a blend of three different finishes. The appliances are black & stainless steel, the light fixture & faucet are brushed gold, and the hardware is antiqued nickel.

Woide Angle Photography and Henry William Woide Godfrey, 2015

Hardware isn’t the only place that you can change up the finishes. Appliances, including custom hoods, come in all types of styles, shapes and finishes! The copper-toned hood paired with wood trim introduced a different finish in this kitchen. They kept the hardware and light fixtures in the same tone as the range and sink faucet, but brought in a copper-colored table top to tie everything together.

Aladdin Remodelers

Incorporating several finishes into a space is a good idea as long as it’s well-balanced.  You want to make sure that the room is large enough in scale to handle different metals.

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