Kitchen Transformations

Even if you are guilty of eating out regularly, or picking up take-out a night of two a week, kitchens are the heart of a home. They’re functional spaces for preparing meals, they’re public spaces for entertaining guests, and they can be beautiful spaces that show off your personal style. They are the place where people seem to just want to hangout.


We typically remodel about 100 kitchens every year. That’s a lot of kitchens. A lot of beautiful kitchens. But behind all of these amazing spaces are people and families. We work very closely with clients to develop the kitchen space of their dreams. This space will host Holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and lots of other memories. We collaborate with clients on every decision- this has to fit them perfectly.


It is easy to become numb to these images- just another beautiful kitchen. But it’s so much more. We hope that seeing the “before” photo, you appreciate how much personality our clients add to their space.


The before photo shows a nice kitchen, but the finishes are out of date and the space feels a little dark. And then the after- wow! Such a bright, pretty kitchen! The cabinets go to the ceiling, crown molding dresses up the space, and the blues in the island, backsplash accent, and window treatments really make the space feel inviting and comfortable. We love the details too- the cabinets with the glass doors to showcase treasures and the lighting above the island that seems just right.

This project again shows a pretty nice kitchen as the before. But the finishes are of a period, there is space to be used in the soffit, and more storage and countertops are need. The after shows what a little creativity can do. More storage, a much bigger island brighter, but still cozy, finishes and a secret story to be told in the backsplash tile. It’s actually the sound wave from a song! So cool.
This is another before kitchen that is in good shape. Up to date appliances, but a cabinet style that isn’t current, and the cabinets and floor are too close in color. You know the Case Team can fix that! And we did. Do you see how much more sophisticated the styling is in the new kitchen? Glass front cabinets, contrasting finishes, cabinets to the ceiling, tall crown molding profiles, and the pretty treatment above the cooktop to conceal the exhaust hood.
You don’t need a huge space to make a big impact. The before kitchen was small, and the finishes made it seem dark. The after kitchen is everything but dark! It’s still not a gigantic kitchen but it uses the vertical space to radically increase storage. The slab cabinetry, island color, backsplash and lighting combine to create a modern, clean and sophisticated look. We also love the waterfall edge on the island- such a beautiful detail!
White kitchens are popular and this before kitchen was white- why remodel? Well… kitchens are about more than color. There was a time when angles we’re popular- even if they didn’t do good things for the layout of the space. No worries- we can fix that! A little reconfiguring of the layout and problems solved. And then there is the function and aesthetic of the space. Nailed it! Every inch of available space is used for storage in this kitchen. Sometimes aesthetics are sacrificed for increases in functionality and storage but not this time. The cabinet finishes blend beautifully and the simple detail at the top of the cabinets (rather than an elaborate crown) really makes the space feel fresh and modern.
This before kitchen checks most of the boxes- open plan, island, 42” tall wall cabinets, and a built-in refrigerator. What’s not to like? Well… kitchens set the tone for the home. This space is good, but we can do better. How? Busy families need a huge island. It’s accomplished by reorienting the kitchen to enjoy a beautiful backyard. Up to date appliances, transitional styling, and modern finishes make this a great space for family gatherings or entertaining.
Every project and every client is different. Our job as designers is pull those dreams and wishes, likes and dislikes, and have to haves versus nice to haves out of our clients and turn them into reality. It’s their home- we just want to help make it the very best it can be. We love this work!

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