Kitchen Remodeling Features that Make Your Guests go “Wow!”

Have you ever dream of owning one of those kitchens that make others envious?

Utilizing today’s kitchen remodeling experts and all the features available, it isn’t hard to achieve a kitchen remodel that will make your guests say, “Wow!” Gone are the standard kitchen sink, appliances, and counters. Instead, there are great features available and many that can fit within any kitchen size with a smart layout and kitchen design. A few exclusive options include a pot filler, a kitchen island complete with countertop burners, a unique dishwasher drawer, a warming drawer, and a custom built in wine refrigerator that will add function and originality to your kitchen making it the favorite room in the house.

Pot Filler

Many cooks today find it hard in a conventional sink to fill large cooking and stock pots. A new addition to kitchen space is a pot filler which can be added wherever you can run a cold water line. The faucet is mounted high enough on the kitchen backsplash to provide a flow of water to even the largest stock pot. The faucet design itself can bring a great look to any kitchen and is sure to be noticed.

Island Cooktop

While this isn’t a brand new concept, done right, it can bring a great focal point to your kitchen that will be the envy of every serious cook. Built into a large island, it opens up the work space and leaves room for amenities below such as the wine refrigerator, warming drawer, or the dishwasher drawer, which are highlighted below.

Dishwasher Drawer

For smaller kitchens, this can be used in lieu of a full-size dishwasher. More often, it’s used in addition to a regular dishwasher and is a handy appliance that offers efficient cleaning to just a few dishes. It is often wooden-paneled to match your cabinets, giving it the look of a regular drawer than can pull out.

Warming Drawer

If you have a large family or like to entertain, a warming drawer adds a lot of functionality and can be added to your center island or right next to your ovens. Although it requires a reinforced cabinet, your remodeling contractor can ensure that it matches your cabinets. This extra touch adds sophistication and value to your kitchen.

Wine Refrigerator

A custom built-in wine refrigerator is a must for any wine lover. It saves space in your refrigerator and makes entertaining in the kitchen even more fun. An experienced designer can ensure a kitchen remodel not only adds work space and flow to your kitchen but will also add some customized features that will add value to your home and leave your guests wanting to come back often.

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