Kids’ Play Space

Your kids are great, right?

Why not give them a play space that’s just as wonderful as they are? Whether its revamping their bedroom to suit their personality, creating a work station for your budding artist (if only to keep the finger paint off the walls), or building an in-home sleep over station, check out these ideas to give your kids a space to let their creativity blossom. Besides, if they have a space of their own, it may keep their toys out of the “grown up” portions of the house.

Art spaces are great ways to keep your kids away from the TV and fuel their creative imaginations. Organization tubs filled with art supplies give them lots of options for crafting mini masterpieces while also teaching organization skills. As they begin creating works of art, use those pieces as decoration for the work space.

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Themed bedrooms allow you to hone in on some of your child’s most imaginative interests. Creating a space that highlights his or her favorite areas allows your child to have a space that feels like its “all about them”. Let your child help choose the theme, colors, and concepts – this will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride once the project is complete.

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Sleepover rooms are a fun way to host slumber parties for your children while still giving them some personal space. A large area for games and activities with built in bunk beds allows for plenty of activity space without having sleeping bags and tents taking over the party room. Also, this set up makes party planning much easier as each child doesn’t have to worry about brining over sleeping supplies.

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Outdoor spaces provide the most room for creativity. Tree houses or tree villages allow children to have a separate world outdoors. Rope swings, stair cases, and bridges create a playground for endless fun.

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No matter what the style or location, be sure to make some special places in your home for the kids. You’ll probably end up enjoying them just as much as they do.

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